Meet Minnesota’s Adorable 4-Year Old Mayor

1. Meet Robert “Bobby” Tufts, the mayor of Dorset, Minnesota. He was just reelected for a second term. View this image › 2. This is the first time an incumbent has won the Dorset elections. View this image › 3. Dorset has no formal government because the town’s population ranges from 22 to 28 people, […]


Does Football Have A Liberal Bias?

View this image › Gene J. Puskar / AP Ohio State quarterback Barackxton Miller dives away from a Mittany Lion. One of the more ridiculous phenomena in an American political scene filled with ridiculousness is the fact that football results have been shown to swing races in college towns by as many as three points. […]


Pennsylvania House of Representatives passes voter ID bill

RT @NBC10aISSUE: Pa. House Passes Voter ID Bill | NBC 10 Philadelphia http://t.co/aMzg87TF — NBC10 Philadelphia (@NBCPhiladelphia) March 14, 2012 You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the controversy surrounding the proposed Texas voter ID law. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania House has moved forward and passed a voter ID bill that, if signed into law, would […]


Bam: Bobby Jindal lays into tax-happy DC elites, lapdog media

Governor Jindal of Louisiana has been on twitter eviscerating Washington in general and the Obama administration in particular @BobbyJindal — Conand (@TheTortorian) December 7, 2012 Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is fed up with Washington’s commitment to Big Government and the lapdog media’s role in misleading the public about the consequences. As the fiscal cliff looms […]


Why Facebook Had To Have WhatsApp

View this image › Jonathan Ernst / Reuters / Reuters Facebook will acquire WhatsApp for over $16 billion, according to the company. This is an objectively enormous amount of money, and far more than Facebook offered for Snapchat. But WhatsApp is — or was — arguably the largest known threat to Facebook. It was one […]


Ebola Survivor: ‘We Can’t Afford to Wait’

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##ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly, former Medical Director of Samaritan’s Purse Ebola Care Center in Monrovia, Liberia, testifies before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education joint hearing on, "Ebola in West Africa: A Global Challenge and Public Health Threat," on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014. Image: […]


Shockah: Pennsylvania U.S Senate race is close

Seemed impossible 2 months ago. RT @dcmorningcall: "I would be less surprised if Smith won than if Romney won" in PA "http://t.co/EldCzNAd — Eric Boehm (@EricBoehm87) October 17, 2012 Something is happening in Pennsylvania. As Twitchy reported yesterday,  a new poll has Mitt Romney 4 points ahead of President Barack Obama in the Keystone State. […]


The Incredible Rise Of Yityish Aynaw, The First Black Miss Israel

This is Yityish Aynaw, the first black woman ever to become Miss Israel. View this image › tumblr.com Israel is only 65 years old, but the Miss Israel pageant has occurred each of the past 63 years. Aynaw is the first Ethiopian to win the pageant. She made a significant impression on judges (and the […]


With Outcome Already Assured, Western Observers Line Up To Cheers Crimean Referendum

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“What is sauce for Kosovo’s goose is sauce for #crimea’s gander,” said Serbian commentator Srda Trifkovic. View this image › Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters SIMFEROPOL, #ukraine — As Russian-occupied Crimea prepares for a secession referendum with an outcome its organizers boast is predetermined and with no hope of international recognition, a team of observers declared […]