15 Books That May Or May Not Get You Laid Lead The Daily Links

Which books should you read in public if you’re looking to get laid? Here are 15 suggestions. – [Nerve]

Come on, admit it: You used to stay up late to watch Real Sex on HBO. So you’ve gotta be curious about an oral history of the series. – [Vulture]

Is your dog actually happy to see you? According to new research, it’s all in the ears and eyebrows. – [The Atlantic Wire]

“Dongle” is one of the weirdest, most awkward words there is. Where did it come from? Here are 7 leading theories. – [The Atlantic Tech]

There’s only one way to learn English: Through awkward aerobics in 1992 Japan. – [mental_floss]

“Learned Pigs” who could read and do math: They don’t make fads like they used to. – [Death and Taxes]

Once upon a time in 1983, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury recorded together. And finally, 30 years later, their duets are being released. – [Uproxx]

RIA Novosti / Alexei Druzhinin / Reuters

Is anyone manlier than Russian President Vladimir Putin? Hahahahaha NO. – [The Daily Beast]

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