Putin Says Russia Is Right As John Kerry Visits Ukraine


A defiant Vladimir #putin insisted he could use force in #ukraine. Then he cryptically added, “There is no reason yet.” View this image › Stringer / Reuters Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his first public remarks on Ukraine today since ordering military troops to Crimea on March 1, defiantly affirming the Kremlin’s right to use […]


Meet The Married Gay Couple Representing America In Australia

View this image › Facebook: media Governor-General Quentin Bryce received the credentials of John Berry, the new U.S. ambassador to Australia, on Wednesday. The Governor-General, a representative of Queen Elizabeth II, welcomed Berry and his husband, Curtis Yee, to Australia. View this image › Facebook: media Berry and Yee married in mid-August at St. Margaret’s […]


Romney Campaign Downplays Early Vote — And Begs For It

View this image › Brian Snyder / Reuters WORTHINGTON, Ohio — Facing a massive early voting deficit less than two weeks out from election day, the Romney campaign is projecting a mixed message as the candidate works to keep alive his claim to momentum. At issue is the question of whether Republicans are losing the […]


Putin’s Aid Convoy Raises Fears of A Russian Invasion Of Eastern Ukraine

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Prospect of a prolonged standoff on the border tailor-made for Russian TV looms large. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1407849890); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3415547″).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1407849890); }); View this image › A Russian #convoy of trucks sets off from near Moscow. Reuters Tv / Reuters KIEV, #ukraine — What’s […]


What It’s Like Being The First Game Developer In Your Entire Country

View this image › SAN FRANCISCO — Among the throngs of speakers at this week’s Game Developers Conference are luminaries from all the constellations of gaming: lifer legends like Warren Spector and Hideo Kojima, project leaders from AAA studios like Ubisoft and 343, the new indie rockstars Jonathan Blow and Terry Cavanagh, and the moneymen […]


33 Actors You Didn’t Realize Were In That Other Thing

1. Jason Bateman View this image › 20th Century Fox Film Corp/Courtesy Everett Collection. Atlantic Entertainment Group/ Courtesy Everett Collection. Teen Wolf Too, the sequel to the hit 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox, currently has a 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 2. Jack Gleeson View this image › Helen Sloan / © HBO / […]


31 Reasons It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Hate Notre Dame

DISCLAIMER: View this image › John Gress / Getty 1. The whole Irish thing. View this image › chicagonow.com People become fans of college teams for plenty of reasons: Maybe they attended the school, or it’s a family member’s alma mater. Sometimes it’s just a matter of proximity. But for Notre Dame fans, it’s because […]


Community Post: 31 Things That Always Make Atlanta Braves’ Fans Happy

##1. Game 6 of the 1995 World Series Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1_u4eGI0aCU. Rafael Belliard makes the first out on an amazing catch in foul territory. Glavine and Wohlers held the most potent offense in baseball to one hit. Grissom catches a routine fly for the 2nd out, but when Grissom catches that last fly ball […]