10 More Fascinating Conspiracies

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Rapidly catching up to our unsolved mysteries lists is our series on conspiracy theories. Thanks to the hard work of FlameHorse we now have fifty complete conspiracy theories listed on the site. This is likely to be the last in the series for quite some time. To view the older lists, go here. Denver International […]


10 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories About Popular Music Artists

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Strange conspiracy theories about the music industry have been around for a long time—just ask Elvis, Tupac, and Michael Jackson, who are all still alive and living on an island somewhere. And thanks to the rise of the Internet, the theories about contemporary artists are arguably even crazier. 10Jay-Z Is A Time-Traveling Vampire A man […]


“30 Rock” Actor Gets Engaged To His Boyfriend At The Taj Mahal

1. You probably recognize Maulik Pancholy from his role as “Jonathan” on NBC’s 30 Rock. View this image › Ali Goldstein / NBC That’s him on the left. 2. During a visit to India’s Taj Mahal, Pancholy and his long-time boyfriend Ryan Corvaia decided to make it official. It only took 9 years but it’s […]


Hottest Team in Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks

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We've already shown you the hottest hockey players in the NHL. Now, check out the hottest team in the NHL. Introducing the Chicago Blackhawks. Patrick Sharp Forget #hockey. Move on to modelling. Jonathan Toews Attention. He&039;s single Patrick Kane The other Patrick. Still gets the job done. Duncan Keith If you can ignore the fact […]


53 Things That’ve Changed Since The iPhone Came Out

1. Apple is the most valuable company in the world View this image › 2. Which made a lot of rich people much richer View this image › Chris Hondros / Getty Images 3. AT&T has so many customers that its network doesn’t work View this image › Via wordpress.com 4. But T-Mobile is nearly […]


Putin Says He Has Gay Friends But Equates Gay People To Pedophiles

View this image › Ria Novosti / Reuters He loves Elton John and has gay friends, but Russian President Vladimir Putin equated LGBT people to pedophiles and suggested “cleaning up” Russia of their influence in a robust defense of the country’s anti-gay law before the Winter Olympics in Sochi next month. In an interview taped […]


Sean Eldridge Is Looking For A Communications Director


The Democrat running for Congress in New York just put out an ad seeking a communications director. Sean Eldridge, the young Democrat running for Congress in New York, is looking for a communications director. The listing, posted to a Google group, states the campaign is looking for an experienced comms person to manage the day-to-day […]