Child Bride Who ‘Killed Husband To Escape Marriage’ May Get Death Penalty

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A 14-year-old girl may be put to death if found guilty of fatally poisoning her 35-year-old husband shortly after their wedding.

Wasila Tasi&;u married Umar Sani last April in accordance with &8217;s marriage act, which states that anyone under 21 can be married as long as his or her parents consent.

Wasila is from an impoverished, conservative Muslim region of northern Nigeria, where girls get married at young ages all the time, according to Yahoo! News.

Sani was found dead two weeks after the wedding from ingesting rat that had been put in his food.

Wasila was arrested for the murder and was silent when the charges were explained to her, turning away from prosecutors and crying.

Judge Mohammed Yahaya deemed this reaction as a &;not guilty&; plea before adjourning the case until Nov. 26.

Wasila&8217;s defense lawyer is asking that the case be decided in a juvenile court, but in the 12 northern Nigerian states governed by Islamic law, there isn&8217;t a clear age limit for someone to be charged as an adult for extreme offenses.

Lead prosecutor Lamido Abba Soron-Dinki said that the will be sought if the teen is convicted.

Activists in the country&8217;s predominantly Christian south argue that no matter what Wasila did or didn&8217;t do, she was most likely raped by Sani and is in need of rehabilitation for the abuse she suffered.

Both the families of Wasila and Sani, however, claim that the teen was never forced into the union because the couple adhered to the traditional courtship guidelines.

Nigeria hasn&8217;t executed anyone under 17, the country&8217;s legal age of adulthood, since 1997.

via Yahoo! News, Photo Courtesy: UNHCR/H. Caux

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