‘Choom & Chump’: Biden’s ‘selfie’ with Obama captioned and critiqued [pic]

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Joe Biden joined Instagram Wednesday, and soon after posted a “selfie” with President that has taken Twitter by storm.

Warning: If you’re close to your computer screen, back up just a little … like maybe to the other side of the room:

Obama and Biden were in Pennsylvania promoting a “job-training plan,” though we’re not sure exactly where they were located when the picture was taken other than obviously in the presidential limo.

No word yet on whether Biden texted the picture to Vladimir Putin as proof of the unity of U.S. leadership:

Actor Adam Baldwin took a shot at a caption:


That sounds like it could make a good buddy cop show!

Many others joined in:

The adult would've said:

"I don't think a selfie is a really mature thing that the leader of the free world would do"

Alas, Biden.— Matthew (@Matthops82) April 17, 2014

Presidential decline:
"Ask not what your country can do for you…"

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

"Hey, Joe, wanna take a selfie?"— Matthew (@Matthops82) April 17, 2014


Protip for the president and veep:


Biden has now mastered the “selfie.” Can twerking be far behind? Shudder.

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