Ebola Scare: Man Vomits And Dies During Flight From Nigeria To US

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A man died on a flight from to New York Wednesday night, but an examination from the CDC confirmed that he did not have .

The 63-year-old American man was vomiting and having chest pains before succumbing to what examiners say was a heart attack, according to Daily Mail.

Flight attendants called in protective gear onto the plane after touching down at JFK, who performed a short series of tests determining that the 145 petrified passengers had nothing to worry about.

New York congressman Peter King, however, was infuriated to find out the door connecting the aircraft to the terminal was left open while the CDC officials conducted their tests, which took just 45 minutes and were performed in front of passengers.

He wrote a letter to the Department of saying that airport protocol has to undergo some major changes to maximize safety.

He notes that up to 100 people arrive from Liberia, and Guinea to JFK each day, and that screenings and questionnaires aren&;t provided early enough upon their entrance to the airport.

The Republican congressman said,

These individuals transit the airport with the rest of the traveling population, including using the restrooms.

The letter ultimately suggests that Homeland Security drastically tighten security measures both in airport terminals and on the actual flights.

King also expressed concerned with the lack of accuracy the CDC has had in reporting and controlling Ebola cases over the past few weeks.

King tweeted two days beforehand that travel from West Africa to the US should be suspended until the virus&8217; spreading capabilities are fully understood.

Nigeria has had 19 Ebola cases since March, but no new cases have been diagnosed over the past few months.

The nation, 1,000 miles from the most affected areas of West Africa, will be declared &;Ebola-free&; if no new cases arise by this Monday.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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