Hey moms! Journo mocks ‘faux outrage’ over Dems saying you don’t have real job

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We are too. Sounds familiar though, doesn&;t it? Democrat &8217;s appalling remark about Republican is only the latest example.

Yep, again. But why so upset people? Clearly, it&8217;s just &;faux ,&; according to New York Times political correspondent .

Faux, Mr. Martin? Really?

Boy, is he letting his lapdog show.


We have a winner!

But wait, there&8217;s more. Check out Martin&8217;s pitiful argument for calling it &8220;faux.&8221;

Bless your heart, you are so blinded by bias. So your oh-so-smart reasoning is that Ann Romney (and other moms) couldn&8217;t possibly be both outraged and pleased at the same time to see Democrats finally exposed for their outrageous, offensive and deplorable belief that moms don&8217;t have &8220;real jobs&8221;?

It might be hard for you to believe, Mr. Smarty Pants, but &8220;just moms&8221; can think of several things at one time.

Here&8217;s an exit question for the blinded-by-bias journo:


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