How Beast Mode Are You?

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Are you just here so you won’t get fined?

Rick Stewart / Jed Jacobsohn / Otto Greule Jr / Getty

    1. Mars, Incorporated

    2. Mars, Incorporated

    1. Mars, Incorporated

    2. Mars, Incorporated

    1. JEFF KOWALSKY / Getty

      Barry Sanders

    2. Andy Lyons / Getty

      Thurman Thomas

    1. DON EMMERT / Getty

      Marshall Faulk

    2. HENNY RAY ABRAMS / Getty

      Emmitt Smith

    1. Jed Jacobsohn / Getty

      Patrick Willis

    2. Jim Rogash / Getty

      Darrelle Revis

    1. Jonathan Daniel / Getty

      Clay Matthews III

    2. Christian Petersen / Getty

      Patrick Peterson

    1. Red

    2. Green

    1. Blue

    2. Gold

    1. Harry How / Getty

      Richard Sherman

    2. Otto Greule Jr / Getty

      Kam Chancellor

    1. Jeff Gross / Getty

      Earl Thomas III

    2. Christian Petersen / Getty

      Byron Maxwell

How Beast Mode Are You?

  1. You got: Not very Beast Mode

    You’re not very Beast Mode. Not everyone can be, but that’s not to say you aren’t important. If everyone were Beast Mode, then Beast Mode just wouldn’t be — well — Beast Mode. So take pride in your lack of Beast Mode-ness. It’s people like you that make Beast Mode so special.

    NFL / NBC
  2. You got: Way too Beast Mode

    Hey there, take it easy! You are one beast that’s not to be trifled with. You probably trucked a few commuters on your way to work today — hell, you probably stiff-armed a bus or two as well. But that’s just business as usual. Not only are you an unstoppable force of nature, but simply slowing you down is an impossible feat. You eat Skittles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and, of course, you’re just here so you don’t get fined.

    Christian Petersen / Getty

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