Israeli Woman Spends Yom Kippur Doing Acrobatics Over The Empty Highway (Photos)

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Christina Horvath loves aerial because of the freedom it provides her.

Horvath, who lives in , chose to observe the holy day in an unlikely fashion: dangling from her silks above a freeway. Because those fasting are forbidden from driving, the roads were empty.

The day is traditionally spent in repentance, but Horvath decided it was a good time to clear her mind and get close to God through meditation.

Awestruck passersby stopped to watch as Horvath sinuously twisted into her silks.

Horvath believes in her aerial silks training as a way to meditate.


Dancing and flying freely, Horvath feels at peace.


For her, silks are a combination of &;focus and honesty.&;


Police blocked off a section of the freeway for Horvath&;s performance.


She&8217;s balancing about 16.5 feet off the ground.


Horvath cuts a striking silhouette against the urban background.


Horvath brings her art and faith together in one activity.


via Bored Panda, Photos courtesy: Jonathan Lidor

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