LOL, WIN or WTF? NRCC: What our website needs is moar BuzzFeed

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The National Republican Congressional Committee has a shiny new web strategy: I can haz BuzzFeed?

The NRCC spent hours studying how @buzzfeed readers arrived at landing pages and went from one article to the next njour.nl/10yqQ0M

— National Journal (@nationaljournal) April 4, 2013

More from National Journal:

Staffers at the National Republican Congressional Committee are finishing up a site redesign that&;ll likely be rolled out this weekend. The new NRCC.org does away with all the typical features of a political website, emulating instead the style of the Web juggernaut whose top headlines currently include &;10 Easter Bunnies Straight From Hell&; and &8220;14 Photos Of George W. Bush Touching Bald Men&8217;s Heads.&8221;

Yes. They&8217;re going to copy BuzzFeed.

Quote of the day from @lansing : &8220;BuzzFeed&8217;s eating everyone&8217;s lunch,&8221; nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) April 4, 2013

&8220;[Buzzfeed’s] making people want to read and be cognizant of politics in a different way.&8221; &; NRCC spokesman

— Rainbow Stalin (@RBStalin) April 4, 2013

NRCC goes BuzzFeed: &8220;shorter posts, fewer menu items & a heavy helping of snark.&8221; ahart.co/XZOxxb

— Andrew Hart (@hartpandrew) April 4, 2013

27 pics of cats reading @pryan&;s budget MT @nationaljournal The new GOP web strategy? Just add @buzzfeed njour.nl/10yqQ0M

— Ben Pershing (@benpershing) April 4, 2013

More from one of the strategists behind the LOLcat-ization of the NRCC:

I urge Democrats to continue to underestimate Republicans online. tcot

— Nick Marcelli (@NickMarcelli) April 4, 2013

Democrats nervously laughing at our new content strategy: nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Nick Marcelli (@NickMarcelli) April 4, 2013

Democrats nervously laughing at our new content strategy: nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Nick Marcelli (@NickMarcelli) April 4, 2013

A ton of media companies embrace Buzzfeed&8217;s model. Why should a political party be any different? nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Nick Marcelli (@NickMarcelli) April 4, 2013

Will listicles like &8220;13 Animals That Are Really Bummed on Obamacare&8217;s Third Birthday&8221; help the GOP bring in more money and win elections? Reaction is mixed.

<eyes lodged in back of head from massive eye roll> New House Republican Web Strategy: Just Add BuzzFeed nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— LilMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) April 4, 2013

Color me skeptical < The New House Republican Web Strategy: Just Add BuzzFeed bit.ly/XfAE0s (h/t @tylergray)

— Todd Zeigler (@debaser) April 4, 2013

Agreed, really cool RT @ericwilson: really cool site redesign coming from the @nrcc this weekend bit.ly/YxYBRK

— Teddy Peterson (@TLPIII) April 4, 2013

Not crazy about the design, but idea is good: The New @nrcc House GOP Web Strategy: Just Add BuzzFeednationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h… via @b_fung

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) April 4, 2013

Love this. Go @nrcc nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) April 4, 2013

@soopermexican @nrcc I worry it will come across as &8216;Trying Too Hard&8217; Syndrome. I await and will be very happy to be proven wrong on this!

— LilMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) April 4, 2013

BuzzFeeders are loving the attention.

Whoa nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) April 4, 2013

NRCC modeling its new website after BuzzFeed. Really. nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— McKay Coppins (@mckaycoppins) April 4, 2013

Proof Republicans are smarter than Democrats mobile.nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Jonah Peretti (@peretti) April 4, 2013

This may not be the end of the BuzzFeeding of politics:

Stay tuned MT @dw_grant: Fascinating: GOP&8217;s NRCC goes Buzzfeed online. NRSC, RNC to come? @bdayspring, @seanspicer?nationaljournal.com/tech/the-new-h…

— Brad Dayspring (@BDayspring) April 4, 2013

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