Top 10 Bizarre or Ridiculous Fatwas

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With no centralized Islamic religious authority like a Pope or Dalai Lama, pretty much any Muslim “scholar” can create a fatwa, a religious edict for modern life supposedly guided by the Koran or the (less authoritative) hadiths- stories from Muhammad’s life. In recent years, supply has far outstripped demand, and it’s getting laughable. Most fatwas […]


Hilarious Mistake Leads To Worst Goal Of NHL Season

In the third period of Monday night’s Rangers-Kings game, New York defenseman Ryan McDonagh cleared the puck out of his zone, and it somehow banked off the glass and scooted past Jonathan Quick for a short-handed goal. View this image › espn.go.com Quick, a former Conn Smythe winner (playoff MVP), apparently lost his stick and […]


Malaysia Airlines 777 carrying 295 people crashes in Ukraine [pic, video]

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http://twitter.com/#!/BrianFaughnan/status/489795421435228160 A #Malaysia Airlines 777 carrying 295 passengers and crew has reportedly crashed in #Ukraine. http://twitter.com/#!/myroslavapetsa/status/489797459707985920 At this time, Malaysia Airlines is only confirming that they have lost contact with the plane: http://twitter.com/#!/MAS/status/489795857101750272 More: http://twitter.com/#!/flightradar24/status/489795658879348737 http://twitter.com/#!/mashable/status/489794225392058368 There are unconfirmed reports that the 777 was shot down: http://twitter.com/#!/AP/status/489795700872720384 http://twitter.com/#!/myroslavapetsa/status/489801844894728193 This is alleged to be video taken […]


The Romney Campaign Presents: Super Tuesday By The Numbers

View this image › Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney pumps his fist after speaking at a rally in Zanesville, Ohio, March 5, 2012, ahead of voting on Super Tuesday. JIM WATSON / Getty Images Romney campaign press secretary Andrea Saul sent this list to reporters this morning: Alaska: 1 – candidate has visited Alaska, Ron […]


Ron Paul: "Too Early To Tell" If Views On Russia Will Affect Son’s Candidacy

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“The U.S. is every bit as involved…as Putin,” says the former Congressman. View this image › Steve Marcus / Reuters / Reuters WASHINGTON — Former congressman and presidential candidate #Ron Paul said on Friday that it’s too early to tell if his views on the #Ukraine conflict and other foreign policy issues could hurt his […]


25 Fun MMA Facts That You May Or May Not Know

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A full contact combat sport, #Mixed Martial Arts (#MMA) covers judo, amateur wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, catch wrestling, karate, kick boxing and muay thai. For decades, this sport has been very popular not only among men but also among women. While fans of MMA know much about this sport, there are still some facts that […]