Rut-roh: Rep. Thaddeus McCotter might not qualify for Mich. GOP primary ballot

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Rep. Thaddeus McCotter acknowledged in a Friday press release that his reelection campaign may not have submitted enough valid signatures to secure a spot on the primary ballot.

My statement on petition signatures http://t.co/jtimySfC

— Thaddeus McCotter (@ThadMcCotter) May 26, 2012

I have been apprised my campaign may have submitted insufficient petition signatures to appear on the August primary ballot as a candidate for the 11th Congressional District&;s Republican nomination.

Fully respecting the accuracy and integrity of the Secretary of State&8217;s office, we will thoroughly review our petition signatures for their sufficiency or insufficiency.

Out of respect for Memorial Day, an announcement of our findings will be made public on Tuesday.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

According to the Secretary of State&8217;s website, McCotter had turned in 2,000 signatures, the maximum allowable. Congressional candidates must turn in at least 1,000 and no more than 2,000 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.

The Secretary of State didn&8217;t say how many signatures McCotter could be short by, but spokeswoman Gisgie Gendreau said Friday night that duplicate signatures were among the problems with McCotter&8217;s petitions. When duplicates are found, both signatures are bounced from the petitions.

The congressman&8217;s supporters are disappointed.

I sincerely hope, for all Michiganders, that @ThadMcCotter is able to be part of the Ballot in in the Primary and General Elections

— Samuel Genson (@SamEagle76) May 26, 2012

Bet it sucks to be @ThadMcCotter right about now. Or the staffer in charge of turning in his signatures.

— Robert McCann (@mccannr1) May 26, 2012

RT @BrandonKiser: Poor McCotter&; http://t.co/N5Gs3svA // Don&;t depress me @thadmccotter

— Greg B (@gregb94) May 26, 2012

@ThadMcCotter oh crap. We will b much worse off if you aren&039;t in congress!

— John White (@DocSharkey) May 26, 2012


@ThadMcCotter you have my support&8230;but I will be disappointed and frustrated if you can&039;t run because of this!

— maize_n_blue (@maize_n_blue) May 26, 2012

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