‘Sneering’ Salon writer seems annoyed that Sarah Palin might have insight on Ukraine

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It&;s almost as if being a condescending douchebag is a prerequisite for employment over there.

This afternoon, tweeted about an upcoming appearance on &;Hannity&;:

Palin, if you&8217;ll recall, predicted back in 2008 that Putin might target . Since then, she&8217;s been proven right, of course. But that seems to be more than Salon writer can handle. So, he&8217;s opted for the totally original strategy of knee-jerk dismissal:

At least The New Republic admitted it had been wrong about Mitt Romney&8217;s 2012 Russia remarks. Beutler likely wouldn&8217;t be caught dead doing the same for Palin.

Oh well. In trying to make her look dumb, he&8217;s only affirmed his own idiocy and lack of professionalism:



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