So it was elections at my school today


19 responses to “So it was elections at my school today”

  1. biotechonista says:

    dolan, no!

  2. helloyesthisisteacher says:

    Well, I know who I’m voting for…

  3. FlippingPancakes says:

    Spoderman, spoderman does whatever a spoderman does. Can he swing from a web? No he cant; hes a man.

  4. superben says:

    Err. Mah. Gherd.

  5. Punnilingus says:

    What happens if he wins?

  6. bertejenner says:


  7. downvotefaeries403 says:

    Congers don’t mess with me sweg!

  8. BenRoweComics says:


  9. nananananamattman says:

    Gooby plz.

  10. Moosecock says:

    But what does a Spoderman actually do?

  11. prattleassassin says:

    measurably election. increasingly spider. woow.

  12. Left4Doge says:

    Vote for Pedro Parker

  13. kcloud says:

    SPODERMAN 2016

  14. Sharknado says:

    Good enough for me.

  15. TheD0ctor says:

    what happened to Smelpborp??

  16. mooncactus says:

    Spoderman vs. deadpool!

  17. DoovdeTottenham says:

    Spoderman: “Kill me”.

  18. alphabitter says:

    y u vot lik florduh ?

  19. flubberpup says:

    mah spodey sense iƨ tanglin

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