The 43 Best Musicals Since 2000

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In the last 14 years, the 21st century has already offered some incredible additions to the musical theater pantheon. These are the best new musicals, both on and off-Broadway. 43. American Idiot View this image › Bryan Bedder / Getty Book: Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael MayerMusic: Green DayLyrics: Billie Joe ArmstrongOriginal Broadway cast: John […]


10 Extraordinary Origins Of Well-Known Numbers

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Numbers factor into everything. Some numbers have become so well-known that nobody questions where they came from or how they became so important. Here are the surprising stories behind #10 of them. 10Route 66 It’s known as America’s Main Street. It’s the place where you can get your kicks. Running from Chicago to Los Angeles, […]


President Obama Kissed Michelle On The USA Basketball Jumbotron


#1. Here is the amusing failed attempt 1, from earlier in the night. Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=AFU6vDEwHOw. youtube.com #2. This is successful attempt 2. The Obamas are magnificently adorable. Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tPvg0a9YqYo. youtube.com 3. And here are all the photos I could find on the wire, because this is wonderful and heartening and all […]


Did the White House mock ‘Benghazi acrostic’ to push #RaiseTheWage?

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@WhiteHouse who thought tweeting in this manner would be a good idea? — chad dukes (@chaddukes) October 6, 2014 The White House continues to find new ways to say the same old things. Case in point: Nobody
who&010;works&010;full-time&010;should&010;have&010;to&010;live&010;in&010;poverty.&010;http://t.co/oEArnaztyE&010;RaiseTheWage pic.twitter.com/FjCsB0bysb — The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 6, 2014 Maybe the same message vertically instead of horizontally will […]


Community Post: Is Vladimir Putin Having A Best Year Ever?

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#1. The Syrian stalemate View this image › media.giphy.com / Via Batman Forever (Warner Bros., 1995) No matter what you think about Vladimir Putin’s NYT “plea of caution” about Syria, the people in the West are adamant about their resistance to a new military intervention in the Middle East. The situation in Syria is dire, […]


The Golden Girls Guest Stars : Dead Or Alive?

Betty White, is tragically the last living main cast member from The Golden Girls. However, the shown was known for it’s variety of guest actors. Let’s recall some of the more memorable guests and find out if they outlived most of our Golden ladies. ##1. Mammy Watkins: Dead or Alive? View this image › goldengirls.wikia.com […]


48 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The ’90s

##1. Urkel gliding past Will Smith and Reggie Miller during the 1991 Rock n’ Jock basketball game: View this image › Twitter: @si_vault 2. Ryan Gosling with long blonde hair in BOP Magazine: View this image › 3. Will Smith playing Nintendo in a backwards hat, on a zebra rug, wearing Nike Air’s, zubaz pants, […]


Community Post: 31 Things That Always Make Atlanta Braves’ Fans Happy

##1. Game 6 of the 1995 World Series Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1_u4eGI0aCU. Rafael Belliard makes the first out on an amazing catch in foul territory. Glavine and Wohlers held the most potent offense in baseball to one hit. Grissom catches a routine fly for the 2nd out, but when Grissom catches that last fly ball […]


The Dos And Dont’s Of Week 2 Fantasy Football

##1. DON’T Forget That There Are Games On Thursday Night View this image › Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images Last night, the Bears played the Packers. Last night was a Thursday. While you were out eating at restaurants or getting YOLO tattoos, Jay Cutler was throwing four interceptions and Aaron Rodgers was underachieving. And if […]


41 Beauty Products That “Really Work,” According To Pinterest

View this image › Follow BuzzFeed on Pinterest! ##1. E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator, $3 from Target View this image › pinterest.com “THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MY HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT. 1 PRODUCT OF ALL TIME.” There are multiple instances of this item getting claims of “softest lips ever” on Pinterest. 2. Sephora Eye Makeup Remover, $9.50 from Sephora […]