10 Extraordinary Origins Of Well-Known Numbers

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Numbers factor into everything. Some numbers have become so well-known that nobody questions where they came from or how they became so important. Here are the surprising stories behind #10 of them. 10Route 66 It’s known as America’s Main Street. It’s the place where you can get your kicks. Running from Chicago to Los Angeles, […]


NY Times developer notices an ‘odd’-looking result in Miss. Senate primary

Harrison Co. precinct where McDaniel got 0 votes in primary seems odd (he got 224 in runoff) http://t.co/jQeQxFNTGR pic.twitter.com/j50oZoSyIA — Derek Willis (@derekwillis) July 14, 2014 Derek Willis is an interactive developer for the New York Times who works on political and election-related applications. Today, Willis calls our attention to an unusual result in Mississippi’s June 3rd U.S. Senate primary: State […]