45 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

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Has your passion for the Olympics thrown a wrench in your workflow? Join the club. Spreadsheets and deadlines versus gymnastics vaults and 100m ‘fly? There’s no contest. If for some crazy reason you do take a break from the Games — or your boss issues a city-wide kibosh — then spend some time checking out […]


Are Sound Waves the Future of Mobile Marketing?

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Your Starbucks runs and concert visits will soon be more interactive. Imagine the luxury of walking into a coffee shop and receiving a personalized drink deal on your smartphone or tablet upon entry. Or, receiving an automated #mobile thank-you note for watching a film, exactly an hour after leaving the theater. Thanks to Sonic Notify […]


3 Ways to Simplify Online Marketing

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Jonathan Gardner is director of communications at Vibrant Media, a leading digital ad company. He has spent his career as an innovator at the nexus of #media and technology, having worked in communications and as a journalist. Technology makes the magical possible, but it’s also making #marketing complicated. With ad exchanges, hyper-local targeting, and endless […]


This Professional Recruiter Tells You Exactly What She Looks For In A Job Applicant

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Marie Kastner has been a professional recruiter for some of the worlds largest companies, from Nike to Wells Fargo to Raytheon. She knows what it takes to get hiredbecause shes the one doing the hiring! Below are her top eight #tips to help you land your next job, in her own words. 1. Someone who […]


eBay Acquires Shopping Discovery Site Svpply

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eBay has acquired t3-year-old social shopping discovery site Svpply for an undisclosed amount, the company announced Thursday. Like Pinterest, The Fancy and Lyst, all of which #Svpply predates, users can use bookmarklet and repinning tools to index their favorite product finds from other users on the site and elsewhere on the web. Users are encouraged […]


Handmade in Brooklyn: How Grado Labs Maintains Its Tradition

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At his school’s career day, Jonathan Grado’s friends were dressed as sports players and lawyers. Jonathan walked into the classroom with #headphones around his neck and said, “I’m going to be my dad.” But for him, that was normal. “Sound and heritage” is what differentiates Grado Labs, Jonathan Grado, vice president of #marketing says. “I […]