Patrick Stewart Tapped David Cameron’s Serious Call With Obama

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#David Cameron is apparently a big believer in “pics or it didn’t happen.” The UK Prime Minister tweeted a photo on the phone with President Barack Obama on Wednesday, noting the two had been speaking about the crisis in Ukraine and both condemned Russia’s actions. I’ve been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. […]


5 Ways to Fake an Internet Girlfriend Better Than Manti Te’o

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When Deadspin broke the news Wednesday that one of the nation’s top NFL prospects, Manti Te’o, had a made-up dead girlfriend — a story the linebacker presumably gamed to land magazine covers and spots on ESPN #sports shows — the Internet went ballistic. Twitter had a field day: “Manti Te’o,” “So Te’o,” and other related […]


The Shiny Mars Mystery Object: 10 Things It Could Be

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10 Things the Shiny Mars Mystery Object Could Be Curiosity’s Keys to the ISS Original key image courtesy of Flickr, Bohman Obsolete 30-Pin Cable Aluminum Foil From Curiosity’s Lunch Original burger image courtesy of Flickr, Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist Stefon’s Missing Ring Vladimir Putin’s Fishing Hook Original Putin image courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons […]