#DonaldTrumpTheMovie Is Exploding On Twitter And It’s Too Epic For Words

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It looks like Twitter’s having some fun with #Donald Trump again. The hilarious DonaldTrumpTheMoviehashtag started trending this evening, which prompted Twitter users everywhere to pitch hilarious Donald Trump-themed movies like “Fifty Shades of Orange,” “One Night in Ivanka” and “Broke Fact Mountain.” These days, most Twitter users steer clear of Donald Trump-themed hashtags for obvious […]


Trump asks law enforcement to monitor Florida’s early voting

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Anyone following the 2016 election knows that this upcoming Tuesday is critical to the Republican candidates, perhaps nowhere more so than the winner-take-all state of #Florida, home of Sen. #Marco Rubio and 99 desperately needed delegates. #Donald Trump has held strong there in polls, though, leading by a good margin. Please, please, no. The words“Florida […]


‘Love it’! ‘Capitalist Pig’ Jonathan Hoenig beats Trump at his own branding game [photo]

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Why should #Donald Trump get to have all the #branding fun? Yesterday, FNC contributor and &8220;Capitalist Pig&8221; #Jonathan Hoenig touted his own namesake product: Perfect. Only haters and losers would disagree! And the icing on the cake: Ha! Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/03/10/love-it-capitalist-pig-jonathan-hoenig-beats-trump-at-his-own-branding-game-photo/