Obama and Romney Break Email’s Golden Rules

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Amid all the hoopla around politicians using #social media platforms to engage voters, the Obama and Romney campaigns are still employing a stalwart communication tool: #email. The problem, however, is that both campaigns constantly break the golden rules of email, to the frustration of many. What’s This About? First, there are the subject lines, which […]


Don’t Believe the ‘Google Award’ Email Scam

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#Google turns 15 this September. The multibillion-dollar #tech giant will probably celebrate with a cute Google Doodle and maybe even — we’re just throwing out suggestions here — a new Android operating system. “Birthday Cake,” anyone? In any case, one thing Google definitely won’t be doing to mark the occasion is giving you free money. […]


How to Identify a Scam Email

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Remember the good-old days, when a Nigerian Prince would offer you riches beyond belief if you’d just help him get some of his ill-gotten gains out of the country? That prince hasn’t e-mailed me in years. He’s been replaced by a wide variety of scam tales, all of them just as hell-bent on making you […]