Adele Gifted Hillary Clinton A Savage Diss For Her Birthday At Miami Concert


Hillary Clinton is having a good birthday week. The Democratic presidential nominee is ahead in pretty much every national poll.She has an 84.6 percent chance of winning the presidential election, according to FiveThirtyEight, as of Wednesday morning, with less than two weeks until the election. Its safe to say shes feeling pretty comfortable. And Tuesdaynight, […]


Brad Thor artfully sums up Hillary’s upcoming ‘360-degree strategy’ [gif]

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Oh, this oughtta be good: More from ABC News: Just hours before the latest GOP presidential primary debate, Hillary Clinton will lay out her strategy for #counterterrorism during remarks today on the campus at the University of Minnesota Minneapolis. According to aides, in her speech, the Democratic frontrunner will call for a #360-degree strategy to […]


I Swiped Right And Matched With Bernie Sanders As My Presidential Candidate

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Picking whom to vote for in this crazy #presidential election year would be a lot easier if it were more like #Tinder, right? Thankfully, people who know how to code had the same thought. Last week, Tinder launched “#Swipe the Vote,” a campaign where you can swipe on different issues to be matched with the […]


On running for president, Hillary in Iowa says, ‘I’m thinking about it’

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OMG the press rush to declare @HillaryClinton is running. Just relax. She probably will. But nothing she says today needs over-analyzing. — Mark Halperin (@MarkHalperin) September 14, 2014 #Hillary Clinton, one half of the — ahem — &8220;comeback couple,&8221; hinted at #Sen. Tom Harkin’s steak fry in #Iowa Sunday that she is considering a run […]


Hillary Clinton Stays Out Of The Foreign Policy Fray

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Clinton has tiptoed around a series of major national security developments, even as Republicans have targeted her record. “It’s a challenging position.” View this image › Olivier Douliery / MCT In the last year, as crises overseas have tested U.S. foreign policy — from #egypt to #syria to Ukraine — the nation’s former top diplomat […]