Nigeria just got crossed off a list no country wants to be on. It’s a huge win for us all.

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In 2012, over half of the world’s polio cases were in Nigeria. But then something amazing happened. This year, they’ve had … zero. A substantial drop to zero cases of polio in 2015. You do the math. That’s incredible. I know, right? GIF via “Full House.” As the country celebrates going an entire year without […]


After Months Of Delay, Obama Administration Announces Action On Ugandan Anti-LGBT Law

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New steps ban visas to officials involved in #human rights abuses and cancels a US-funded military exercise in #Uganda. View this image › J. Lester Feder/BuzzFeed The #White House announced Thursday that it would cancel a U.S.-funded aviation exercise with Uganda and impose a visa ban on officials involved in human rights abuses and corruption […]