Amazon Building an iPhone Competitor

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As competition in the fast-growing #mobile web space continues to heat up, #Amazon is working on a device to grab a slice of the pie currently dominated by the iPhone and Android smartphones, according to a Bloomberg report. Interestingly, the hardware, cloud computing and e-commerce juggernaut is said to be working with Foxconn — which […]


Someone Used iOS 8’s Autocomplete Feature To Write Song Lyrics (Video)

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#Jonathan Mann has written, recorded and uploaded a new song every day for more than 2,000 days. You might remember him singing Ruth Bader Ginsburg&8217;s entire Hobby Lobby dissent or the duet with his ex-girlfriend. Mann took to his #iPhone for new ideas and discovered a simple source for lyrics. After downloading the #iOS 8 update, Mann began […]


Song Made Entirely From Auto-Correct

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Back in the day, you had to live with your text screw ups. Then came auto-correct. At first it was helpful but a bit archaic. But each new iteration of operating systems and smartphones brings better and better auto-correct. Musician Jonathan Mann has made an entire song using just what appears on his new #iPhone’s auto-correct. It&8217;s […]


New App Delivers Latest Political Polls Instantly to Your iPhone

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Want the absolute latest polling data for this year’s major political elections delivered instantaneously to your ##iphone? Then PollTracker, a new app from Talking Points Memo, is for you. PollTracker, released with just under 100 days until Election Day, delivers the latest polling data to your smartphone. It collects information from a variety of sources, […]