If Millennials Don’t Vote In 2016, They Can’t Complain About These 3 Things

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#Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation in US history, and they have thepotential to make or break the #2016 presidential election. With their progressive stances on a wide array of issues and fundamentally optimistic worldview, the country could definitely benefit from more Millennial participation in the political process. Unfortunately,however, it looks like we […]


5 Reasons Millennials Think Bernie Sanders Should Be Person Of The Year

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Like, most others, our generation has grown up with experiencing social, political and economic upheaval. From global climate change, to The War on Terror, to the Great Recession of 2008, we’ve become aware of the issues that have served as backbones of the past few presidential elections. With the 2016 campaign in full swing, these […]


Millennials and Midterms: Why America’s Youth Needs To Get Out And Vote (Video)

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Disclaimer: Elite Daily is a non-partisan organization. We reached out to an equal number of politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties for this video, the individuals featured are those who responded. Likewise, this video does not constitute an endorsement of the politicians featured.  Midterm elections are on November 4, 2014. There’s a lot […]


How Millennials Can Do More About Climate Change Than Our Newly Elected Congress

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Michellis Climate hasn’t been the only thing to change lately; as a result of the midterm elections, the US now has a House and Senate that are both majority Republican. This is obviously bad and disconcerting news for progressive people, along with all concerned with global warming and climate change. It’s very unlikely that an even more […]


Millennials are the leftiest generation since FDR


There are a lot of interesting nuggets in the Pew breakdown of generational voting patterns above, but the one that’s most striking to me is the sharp division between Nixon-era Boomers and Ford/Carter-era Boomers. The former are more Democratic-leaning than the public average, whereas the younger cohort leaned right, 2006 excepted. But the finding of […]