Behind the Braid: Who Is Yulia Tymoshenko?

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Protesters stand in front of a portrait of jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko at the central Independence square in Kiev, #Ukraine, Dec. 5, 2013. Image: Sergei Chuzavkov/Associated Press Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko, Oleh Tiahnybok signed a deal this morning to end the bloodshed that has taken over […]


Millennials and Midterms: Why This Generation Has To Play The Game In Order To Change It

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Jens Schott Knudsen Midterm elections are tomorrow. According to polls, only about one-in-four Millennials is definitely planning on #voting. This isn’t surprising, as polls have also revealed that this generation has historically low levels of trust in government. Who can blame young people for feeling this way? #Millennials grew up through the peaceful prosperity of the 90s. […]


Senate clears way for $1.1T spending bill following days of uncertainty


Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama talks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, as the Senate considers a spending bill. Image: Lauren Victoria Burke/Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Senate unexpectedly cleared the way Saturday night for swift passage of a $1.1 trillion government-wide spending bill that highlighted fissures inside both political parties […]


What’s Wrong With Ohio Voting Machine Software?

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In the state that is likely to decide the leader of the free world Tuesday, an 11th hour “experimental software patch” is causing consternation, confusion and a lawsuit. Ohio, regarded as the “tipping point” swing state in Governor Mitt Romney and U.S. President #Barack Obama‘s quest for 270 electoral votes Tuesday, uses electronic #voting machines. […]


See 116 Years of NYT Electoral Infographics

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Tuesday night was a night for political decision-making, but it was also a night for political news-making. News sites experienced one of those increasingly rare things: a moment when the eyes of a nation are collectively focused on the same small collection of screens. When it comes to the #infographics that are gracing many of […]