Austrian Police Arrest Ukrainian Oligarch With Kremlin Connections In First Major Western Move Against Russia

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The surprise arrest of #Dmitry Firtash at the request of the FBI suggests Western countries may be willing to implement harsher #sanctions over the #Ukraine crisis. View this image › Dmitry Firtash (right) pictured with ousted Ukrainian President #Viktor Yanukovych in April 2012. Austria arrested Firtash Wednesday at the request of the FBI. Stringer / […]


Obama Expands Sanctions Against Russia Over Action In Ukraine

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The president said the “#sanctions are significant but they are also targeted” and are designed to send a message to Russian leaders. 1. Updated — July 17, 2:10 a.m. update Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday the sanctions &8220;will push U.S.-Russian relations into a dead end, and cause very serious damage,&8221; Reuters reports. Putin also […]


Russian Instagram Users Slap Obama With Sanctions Targeting Pets, Bathroom Use

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After Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed #crimea, the White House slapped ##sanctions on several of his closest allies. Russian Instagram users have announced punishing measures in response. 1. President Obama is not allowed to pet this Russian cat. instagram.com “Sanctions: U.S. President Barack Obama and members of the U.S. Congress are forbidden from petting my […]


Russians Say Goodbye To Their Favorite Forbidden Foods After Kremlin Ban

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Russian President Vladimir #putin announced a ban on food imports Wednesday in response to #sanctions. “Farewell, jalapeño pepper.” 1. Goodbye, potato chips. instagram.com “The beginning of proper sanctions. #we’re throwing out all American stuff and supporting our producers! #propersanctions sanctions #againstamerica #americainthetrash” 2. Goodbye, Toblerone. instagram.com “We’ll leave these for our grandchildren to remember. #bans […]