Amazon Building an iPhone Competitor

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As competition in the fast-growing #mobile web space continues to heat up, #Amazon is working on a device to grab a slice of the pie currently dominated by the iPhone and Android smartphones, according to a Bloomberg report. Interestingly, the hardware, cloud computing and e-commerce juggernaut is said to be working with Foxconn — which […]


Free App Makes ‘Dumb’ Phones Smarter and Faster

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Not having a #smartphone or access to a high-speed #mobile network doesn’t mean you don’t still want your phone to act brainy and speedy. That’s the premise behind Australian startup biNu, whose free #Java app can be downloaded onto most basic phones and used over #2G wireless networks — which remain common in many #developing […]


Song Made Entirely From Auto-Correct

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Back in the day, you had to live with your text screw ups. Then came auto-correct. At first it was helpful but a bit archaic. But each new iteration of operating systems and smartphones brings better and better auto-correct. Musician Jonathan Mann has made an entire song using just what appears on his new #iPhone’s auto-correct. It&8217;s […]