ESPN Just Damned the Baltimore Ravens and NFL, Big-Time

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Baltimore Ravens running back #Ray Rice speaks at an #NFL football news conference at the team’s practice facility in Owings Mills, Md., Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013.Image: Patrick Semansky/Associated Press Just a few hours after Roger Goodell’s cringeworthy press conference attempting to address the NFL‘s domestic abuse, discipline and credibility criss, two ESPN reporters published a […]


23 Things Colts Fans Know To Be True

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Believe in blue. 1. March 7, 2012 was one of the hardest days of your life. View this image › Via dailycaller.com We’ll never forget you, Peyton. 2. You know that Pat McAfee has one of the best tackles in the league. View this image › NBC / Via blacktopxchange.com Way more than just a […]


New on iTunes Radio: NFL Players as Your Personal DJs

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Attention, #football fans: Your favorite NFL star is about to become your personal DJ on Apple’s new streaming #music service iTunes Radio. Pepsi told Mashable on Wednesday that it launched FanEnough, a series of iTunes Radio stations curated by 16 #NFL players. When #iTunes Radio became available on Sept. 18, the service debuted with stations […]


5 Ways to Fake an Internet Girlfriend Better Than Manti Te’o

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When Deadspin broke the news Wednesday that one of the nation’s top NFL prospects, Manti Te’o, had a made-up dead girlfriend — a story the linebacker presumably gamed to land magazine covers and spots on ESPN #sports shows — the Internet went ballistic. Twitter had a field day: “Manti Te’o,” “So Te’o,” and other related […]