Gmail Downgrades, Launches SMS Version for African Countries

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While we’re used to seeing upgrades from our favorite #tech products, #Gmail has made an important step in the opposite direction. Google launched Gmail SMS Wednesday, offering a #mobile-based email solution for people in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. Gmail SMS is a tech downgrade, but it’s a lifestyle upgrade for email users without consistent Internet […]


Genome Hunters Go After Martian DNA

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Two high-profile entrepreneurs say they want to put a #DNA sequencing machine on the surface of #Mars in a bid to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. In what could become a race for the first extraterrestrial genome, researcher J. Craig Venter said Tuesday that his Maryland academic institute and company, Sythentic Genomics, would develop […]


Guy On Huge World Tour Finds Perfect Way To Let His Mum Know He’s Safe

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There comes a point in your life when you want to get away from home and see the world. You want to leave everything behind, pack one bag and live the good life in any country you can gather the money to get to. Care free and limitless – that’s the aim. But no matter […]


Six Glaringly Obvious Gaps In ‘Stranger Things’ That Need Filling

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#Stranger Things is one of those shows that you binge-watch it, excitedly taking in all the “facts” being presented to you and just like an excitable child at Christmas accept all of them as honest truth, because all you care about is where the hell Will is and how he’s going to be rescued from […]


The Green Party’s Hilarious Ad Turns Politicians Into 5-Year-Old Kids

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If you ever have a spare minute and happen to tune into parliamentlive.tv, you’ll find a bunch of jeering loonies, sat hurling abuse at each other. It may seem like you’re watching a remake of Big Brother where everyone wears suits and just happened to go to private school, but instead it’ll be our elected […]


TurboVote Wants to Be the Netflix of Voter Registration

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TurboVote, an up-and-coming startup, wants to become the “Netflix of #voting” by revolutionizing voter registration and vote by mail via the Internet and snail mail. The concept is simple: Users fill out voter registration or vote by mail forms on their Internet browser, then TurboVote prints an official document based on that data. TurboVote sends […]


How to Buy a Tablet

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It’s time to face the inevitability of a tablet in your life. They’re no longer luxury items. These slab computers play a critical role in travel, leisure, second screen and productivity computing. More than 71 million people own them in the U.S. alone, according to the Online Publishers Association. One in 10 around the world […]


Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Conspiracy Theories

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It seems inevitable with all major events nowadays that conspiracy theories will follow in rapid fashion. The ill fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was no different, and the Internet has been awash with theories of corruption in recent days. The main rumour, stemming from a report from a Russian news agency, centred on claims that […]


Free App Makes ‘Dumb’ Phones Smarter and Faster

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Not having a #smartphone or access to a high-speed #mobile network doesn’t mean you don’t still want your phone to act brainy and speedy. That’s the premise behind Australian startup biNu, whose free #Java app can be downloaded onto most basic phones and used over #2G wireless networks — which remain common in many #developing […]