25 Most Popular Scams You Should Watch Out For

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From high profile office buildings to shady street corners scammers are everywhere. Although we may be tempted to think that we’re smart enough to avoid their underhanded scheming, everyday thousands of people are conned out of their money and countless lives are ruined. In order to help keep you from becoming another statistic we’ve compiled […]


This Guy Turned Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby Dissent Into A Song

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Did he really just call five supreme court justices “slut shaming geezers”? Yes, yes he did. 1. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that for-profit corporations with religious objections to the Affordable Care Act&8217;s contraception mandate are not required to cover contraception under Obamacare. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote a 35-page dissent arguing that […]


25 Of The Most Popular (And Commonly Broken) New Year Resolutions

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The end of a year is not just a time that we spend partying, drinking and having fun with our friends and families. For almost a half of people all over the world, it is also a while when they evaluate what they have done during the year and what they should change in the […]


25 Real Life Vampires Who Craved Human Blood

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In movies, vampires are portrayed as blood-sucking creatures who drink the blood of their victims after mercilessly killing them. Some believe that vampires portrayed in movies do exist, while some do not. Nevertheless there are people in real life who have been labeled as vampires because of their ruthlessness in slaughtering people and their weird […]


The Real Reason Some Of Us Need To Leave Our Phones Off The Hook During Dinner

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Ever hear the phrase “one voice, one vote?” Yeah, that’s a lie. Turns out our presidential elections are really decided by a few voters in a few states. It’s really a double whammy: If you don’t live in a “battleground state,” your vote doesn’t mean as much. And if you do, well, you’ll probably want […]


On May 10, 1994, Nelson Mandela Silenced The World With These Inspiring Words

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Step back into history with me to witness this historical moment with Nelson Mandela in all its glory. He may no longer be with us, but there is certainly no way you’ll be able to forget the inspirational words he uttered at his inauguration speech below. Transcript: “Your Majesties, Your Highnesses, Distinguished Guests, Comrades and […]