This is What Fonts Would Sound Like if They Had Voices

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[#youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmpQiJ4wCw4?enablejsapi=1&&w=640&h=360] #Fonts may just look like letters on a page, but the type styles definitely have distinctive personalities. Jonathan Garcia, the user behind TheMinuteVlog on YouTube, imagines the voices of Times New Roman, Comic Sans and others in the #video above. After watching, you may never look at font options the same way again. […]


Get Your Kicks With Time-Lapse of Route 66


Can’t get much more Americana than Route 66. The iconic highway — one of the first established in the U.S., back in 1926 — stretches more than 2,000 miles between Chicago and Los Angeles. Over the summer, a guy named Brian DeFrees drove and videotaped the whole dang route in his 2009 Honda Civic, starting […]