Austrian Police Arrest Ukrainian Oligarch With Kremlin Connections In First Major Western Move Against Russia

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The surprise arrest of #Dmitry Firtash at the request of the FBI suggests Western countries may be willing to implement harsher #sanctions over the #Ukraine crisis. View this image › Dmitry Firtash (right) pictured with ousted Ukrainian President #Viktor Yanukovych in April 2012. Austria arrested Firtash Wednesday at the request of the FBI. Stringer / […]


Group With Ties To Ousted Ukrainian President Wants To Keep Lobbying In The U.S.

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#Viktor Yanukovych may be gone, but the European Centre for a Modern #Ukraine remains. View this image › Vladimir Putin, right, shaking hands with ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych at an Olympic reception recently hosted by the Russian President in Sochi. The Associated Press WASHINGTON — A group with ties to ousted Ukrainian president Viktor […]


An explanation of what's currently happening in Ukraine

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In November 2013, after 5 years of talks, #Ukraine and the European Union were about to sign a historical agreement to create a free-trade zone between #Ukraine and the #European Union in exchange for reforms in the political and legal system to make Ukraine a more democratic country. http://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/countries-and-regions/countries/ukraine/ The president, #Viktor Yanukovych, suddendly decided […]