The 29 Greatest Readers’ Letters In The History Of Everything

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There is no impotent rage like that contained in a letter to the editor. Some of these via Pointless Letters.

1. This missive, from a retired drunken sailor.

Jim Waterson @jimwaterson

It&;s all kicking off in York: the best letter to a newspaper published today. v/@ThomFeeney http://t.co/IDgzPWA4b0

4. This romantic gesture.

Jack Seale @jackseale

Excellent Viz letter (via @RichardAugood):

7. Jonathan Paige @johnnypaige

This is a real letter in today&039;s mail. This country eh?

9. This contender for the best thing ever sent to The Sun&8217;s Dear Deidre column.

of Note @LettersOfNote

Fantastic letter to the Telegraph, 1913:

11. This hoarder.

This hoarder.

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12. This teenage diary entry from 1969, with its keen sense of history.

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