The First Tweets Of British Celebrities

1. It’s now possible to search Twitter’s archives, using Topsy. This means you can do fun things like finding out what people’s first ever tweets were – here’s how:

It doesn’t work with every account – some don’t seem to be indexed – but you’ll be able to find the first tweets for most of them. (If you want to find you own first tweets, you can also use this method.)

2. Obviously, the first thing we thought of doing with this was finding out what some famous British Twitterers said the first time they tweeted.

5. Caitlin Moran began on an aspirational note.

13. Simon Cowell was so impressed with the fact that he is Simon Cowell that he made it into a hashtag.

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16. Then he said this, which is adorable.

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26. Professor Green was pessimistic about what Twitter held for him. Example, meanwhile, was simply stunned by what he’d just done.

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Professor Green’s tweet is here. Example’s tweet is here.