This absurd hashtag diplomacy from the State Dept. is the ‘MOST idiotic’ yet

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Heh. Ah, yes. The humiliating and its hashtag diplomacy.

@StateDept can we have more super-awesome hashtag from you all? Please? It&;s so effective and smart power is just awesome! Inners

— TripleDotter (@DoubleDotter) September 14, 2014

Snicker. But what about the &8220;booties on the ground&8221; to fight Ebola? Where is the hashtag for that?

Oh, it&;s here.

@DLoesch Well&; pic.twitter.com/eRlN71cD08

— Matthew (@Matthops82) September 17, 2014

No, for real. It happened. More than once.

spoke about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa this afternoon. Read his remarks here: http://t.co/dkuvskOmpB. TackleEbola

— Department of State (@StateDept) September 16, 2014

Help TackleEbola. Visit http://t.co/PGeBi6Z1f5 to learn how health workers can volunteer and anyone can donate to assist those affected.

— Department of State (@StateDept) September 14, 2014

The country is being run by clowns.

TeamVaccine RT @StateDept: President Obama spoke about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa this afternoon. TackleEbola

— Matthew (@Matthops82) September 16, 2014

What about this, State Department?

@Matthops82 @StateDept Did I miss the TackleISIS hashtag?

(@JasonBWhitman) September 16, 2014


@JasonBWhitman HugItOut @StateDept

— Matthew (@Matthops82) September 16, 2014

@Matthops82 @StateDept Laugh or cry?

— Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) September 16, 2014

We suggest both.

headwall RT @senatorshoshana: New hashtag SOLVES ebola crisis! Great job @StateDept! https://t.co/G7mpkHm6Ff TackleEbola

— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) September 16, 2014

@StateDept OMG TackleEbola??? Of all the hashtag diplomacy THIS is the MOST idiotic! How about EmbraceEbola? Is that you @MarieHarf?

— &;♥ Harriet Baldwin (@HarrietBaldwin) September 16, 2014

Are you joking? Are they? RT @senatorshoshana New hashtag SOLVES ebola crisis! Great job @StateDept! https://t.co/aUAaVQdH8RTackleEbola

— Jena Marie (@JenaArtMuse) September 17, 2014

Sadly, no. Heck of a job, Obama administration!


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