F7 Markaz Islamabad Map: Restaurants, Places [Full Info]

F7 Markaz Islamabad

The F7 Markaz Islamabad map is the best resource for visiting the area and exploring its surroundings. Using this map, visitors can easily find restaurants, shopping malls, and business organizations near the F7 Markaz Islamabad. Visitors can easily locate their destination by setting their navigation using the F7 Markaz Islamabad map. Thus, without wasting much time, one can visit as many places as possible.

F7 Markaz Islamabad

Restaurants Near  F7 Markaz Islamabad

F7 Markaz Islamabad is the home of the world’s best food restaurants. Here we are going to tell you about some famous restaurants in F7 Markaz Islamabad.

BBQ Market

Barbeque Bazaar is one of the most famous restaurants in Islamabad’s F7 Markaz which provides the best Pakistani BBQ flavors. The restaurant’s famous BBQ platters, which feature a range of meats grilled perfectly on a charcoal grill, such as chicken tikka, mutton chops, lamb kebabs, and much more, are its specialty.

It’s a great place for a night out with friends or a family supper because of the casual environment.

Address: Islamabad, Capital Territory of Islamabad, Bhittai Road, F7 Markaz. 

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Kabul Restaurant

Kabul Restaurant located in F Seven center Islamabad is very famous for its Afghani dishes. Kabul  The restaurant is spread over a vast area but still, it is always crowded due to its special flavors and Afghani cuisine. 

The meal is consistently delicious, and the staff is nice and attentive. Try their kabli pulao, Syrian achaar, Afghani tikka, and Afghani kababs, as well as any other meal you choose from their wide menu. You will not be let down. 

Address: Plot No. 17, near the Hill View Hotel, Jinnah Super Market, College Road, F-7 Markaz.

Ox & Grill 

In Islamabad, Ox & Grill is a well-known steakhouse. This American restaurant business is well-known among the city’s steak lovers and has several locations, including the one in F7 Markaz. The steaks at Ox & Grill are juicy and tender, and they’re presented with a wide selection of mouthwatering toppings that will tantalize your palate. The restaurant offers burgers, pasta, nachos, and a large assortment of Italian dishes in addition to steak.

Address: College Rd, Markaz, F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.

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F7 Markaz Islamabad Visiting Places

The F7 Markaz in Islamabad is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists because of the surrounding attractions. Some of the best F7 Markaz Islamabad Visiting Places are listed here:

  • Daman-e-Koh Viewpoint: A viewpoint point with broad perspectives over Islamabad. It is accessible by car or foot and is situated at the top of Margalla Hills. 
  • Shakarparian View Point is another viewpoint that offers expansive views across Islamabad. It is near the Pakistan Monument and reachable by car or foot. 
  • Dino Park is a theme park with dinosaur-themed rides and attractions. This is a favored location for young couples. 
  • The Islamabad Zoo is a well-liked family destination featuring an extensive collection of birds and other creatures on display.
  • Saidpur Village: An ancient village with restaurants, artisan shops, and typical homes at the base of the Margalla Hills.
  • Centaurus Mall, a large shopping area with a range of national and international businesses, movie theatres, and food courts, is only a short drive from F-7 Markaz.

F7 Markaz Islamabad Routes

Several paths can take you to the F7 Markaz in Islamabad if you’re seeking directions. An outline of some of the primary routes to F-7 Markaz is provided below:

  • Faisal Mosque: Proceeding from the Faisal Mosque, turn left onto Faisal Avenue and head towards F-7. Go straight on till you come to F-7 Markaz.
  • Margalla Road: Drive towards F-7 on Margalla Road after leaving Islamabad Club. You will arrive at F-7 Markaz after passing the Centaurus Mall.
  • Rawalpindi: Take the Islamabad Motorway from Rawalpindi and drive till you get to the Faisal Avenue entry. Exit off and go in the direction of F-7.
  • DHA Islamabad: Take the G.T. Road and proceed towards Islamabad from DHA Islamabad. Once you get to the Islamabad Motorway, turn right and drive till you come to Faisal Avenue. Just go straight towards F7 Markaz Islamabad. 

Educational Institutions in F7 Markaz, Islamabad

We are providing some educational institutes near F7 Markaz Islamabad:

Federal Government College for Women F-7/2. 

  • Approximately 0.28 km away 
  • Address: College Rd, Islamabad, Pakistan

Roots College International – 36 Nazim-ud-din Rd

  • Approximately 0.88 km away
  • Address: 36 Nazim-ud-din Rd, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jamia Ahlilbait

  • Approximately 0.9 km away
  • Address: Marvi Rd, Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad Model College for Girls

  • Approximately 1.03 km away
  • Address: F-7/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad Model College for Boys F-7/3

  • Approximately 1.08 km away
  • Address: Street 2, Islamabad, Pakistan

F.G. Margalla College for Women

  • Approximately 1.1 km away
  • Address: Street 62, Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah University

  • Approximately 1.25 km away
  • Address: Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

Indus College of Science & Commerce

  • Approximately 1.26 km away
  • Address: Block G, Islamabad, Pakistan

London College of Law

  • Approximately 1.34 km away
  • Address: Street 14, Islamabad, Pakistan


F7 Markaz is a commercial area of ​​Islamabad, It provides a wide range of facilities to both locals and visitors. F7 Markaz Islamabad is an excellent area for food, shopping, visiting, and education for children. Therefore, if you plan to visit Islamabad, then you must visit F7 Markaz Islamabad once in your life. 

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