8123 Ehsaas Rashan Registration Starts New Update

8123 Ehsaas Rashan Registration Starts New Update

The government of Pakistan has started a new program called “8123 Ehsaas Rashan.” In the past, people were given rations worth up to 2,000 rupees, but because of inflation, the amount has been raised to 4,500 rupees.

People who used to get Rs 2,000 Rashan will now get additional Rashan. All over Pakistan, a lot of shops are getting licenses and utility stores are being set up so that these handouts can be given to the people. Centers have been set up in all of Pakistan’s areas. Pakistan’s Ehsaas Rashan scheme is a good move by the government.

The process of registering for the Ehsaas Rashan program requires that you have your ID card number sent to 8123, ready to distribute to other people so that they may find your message. If you have a new solution, you are given the full amount of money Rashan, or you are informed that you are entitled to a certain number of rupees worth of rations based on the fact that you have received the phone call.

8123 Check your Eligibility Online 2024

Follow Some Steps to see if you are eligible for the 8123 Rashan Program. If you are eligible, you will get Rashan. Register first, even if you can’t or don’t qualify.

  • Start by opening Chrome on your phone
  • Then you need to look for Ehsaas Rashan Program
  • You have to click on the Know Eligibility button on the Ehsaas Rashan Program website
  • Then you have to give the number on your ID card and your phone number
  • Then let you know on your screen if you are eligible

Also, if you can’t use your phone or can’t get on the internet, there’s an easy way to check if you’re eligible.

  • First, you need to open your cell phone and write a message on it
  • Send a message to 8123 with your ID card number
  • Give it some time. The message will get through after a while

8123 Ehsaas Program Registration

You have to go through a few steps to sign up for the Ehsaas Ration Program. Once you’ve done that, you’re signed up for the program.

  • First, you have to text 8123 with your ID card number
  • You can also go to the store closest to you that has been checked by the Ehsaas Ration Program
  • Then you have to give them your ID card and cell phone number, and they’ll send you a code to your cell phone
  • You have to inform the seller, and then you will be registered
  • You can also call their support if you have any trouble
  • If you buy more supplies with your own money after getting your ration at Mast, you can get up to a 40% rebate by showing your ID card.

 FAQs 8123 Ehsaas Rashan

  1. How can I register for the Ehsaas Rashan Program?

Go to the Program Ehsaas Rashan site to sign up for Ehsaas Rashan. To register for the Ehsaas scheme, enter your CNIC and phone number.

  1. How do I register for Ehsaas Rashan through 8123?

Send your CNIC number to 8123 in order to sign up for Ehsaas Rashan. Use your own sim to send a message.


It’s great that Pakistan has a program like 8123 Rashan for the impoverished and homeless. The impoverished will get cash transfers as part of the Ehsaas Rashan initiative. Some people are very content with their lives since they are part of the Ehsaas ration program, which provides them with free rations regardless of their age.

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