Ehsaas Rashan Program Check 2024 | احساس راشن پروگرام [Updated]

Ehsaas Rashan program

The Ehsaas Rashan Program was the biggest need for middle-class and low-income families. Ex-PM Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf, started the Ehsas Ration Program 2024 during COVID-19.

CM Punjab Ch Pervaiz Elahi, President of PML(Q), is running the program registration in Punjab. The families already registered by the survey in ehsaas rashan gov pk online registration will get the Monthly cash amount of Rs 2000. The other ehsaas rashan program, 12000, run by the BISP 8171 in different districts of Pakistan, gives the beneficiaries a Rs 1000 cash amount. You can check Ehsas kafalat CNIC online registration.

Both Ehsaas Programs provide different amounts and different % on the rashan riayat. Like BISP, gives Rs 1000 and a 30% discount on food items such as flour, cooking oil, and pulses. Punjab ehsaas rashan program registration gives Rs 2000 and 40% rashan riayat.

Check Your Eligibility here

To check your eligibility, send your CNIC SMS to the 8123 number; in a short period, you will receive the ehsaas rashan eligibility confirmation message from 8123. Dr. Sania Nishtar, Federal Minister and Special Assistant of PASS 8171 check online announced that the beneficiaries who cannot receive the amount are getting it in their accounts.

The registration is starting; the families who have not registered open the 8123 web portal and register themselves.Visit: VULMS LOGIN And SAPPHIRE SALE.

[NEW] The location error in the ehsaas rashan riayat app is now fixed. Whose registration has been under process for the last 3 weeks now getting the eligible confirmation, the amounts will be transferred to their accounts. If the salary exceeds Rs 50000 and does not meet the PMD criteria, you will not be eligible for Ehsaas Rashan Program.

The eligible persons visit the nearest ehsaas kiryana stores and shops to get benefits in their Monthly Rashan. All the kiryana stores and CSDs should update their Apps. The issue about the Shop location at Ehsaas Rashan Riyata Program App shopkeepers is now fixed. Govt giving an 8% subsidy to all Kirayana stores and special gifts for those stores whose performance is excellent.

Ehsaas Rashan Program 2024 Registration Facilities

Ehsaas Rashan Program CNIC Check Online registration 2024 from to get the facilities from the ahsas rashan ProgramProgram. Under the supervision of Dr. Sania Nishtar, all Ehsaas programs became successful, the Ehsas Rashan Program one of them. Govt fully helps the families who got hit by poverty and can’t even afford food.

ehsas rashan registration facilities 2023

Eligible families are getting benefits in the ehsaas program ration in cash and discount forms from the registered kiryana shops and stores. Govt sending monthly money of Rs 2000 in their bank accounts and 40% discount on food items like kitchen oil, flour, and pulses. At the start of that ProgramProgram, this amount was Rs 1000, but later, Ch Pervaiz Elahi increased it to Rs 2000 and the Discount %.

In the last few years, Pakistan and especially poor people and middle-class families facing many financial crises like COVID-19. Those families were affected too much later; the biggest flood caused many families to lose. In that time of trouble, our EX PM Imran Khan took the step to help them with new ideas and completed all the tasks for the poor.

The Govt gives multiple methods to make your family on Ehsaas rashan gharana. First, you can send your CNIC at 8123; second, you can visit the E-Khidmat Markaz with your original CNIC.

CM Punjab Pervaiz Elahi appreciated Dr. Sania Nishtar’s hard work to ensure every eligible family is not facing any issues in getting benefits from Ehsaas programs. The 3 floods affected districts are getting a 40% discount on food items, a huge facility the Govt provided.

Ehsas Rashan Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Ch Pervaiz Elahi, Chief Minister of Punjab, is introducing new methods and upgrades in the ihsas Rashan Program. CM Pervaiz Elahi introduced the NEW ehsaas ration shop name Bismillah General Store. Family income should be less than Rs 50,000; families who are poor or middle class and families with no income source are eligible for the Ehsaas rashan Program 2024.

ration riayat program

Eligible beneficiaries will get a 40% discount on food item Ghee, Khane ka tail, daalain, and atta.

The following criteria must meet:

  • Valid & original CNIC
  • Cell number on your name
  • Monthly income less than 50000
  • Must be poor or middle class

Over 80 million families are registered and distributed to 100 billion beneficiaries.

How To Apply For Ehsaas Rashan OnlineRegistration?

Punjab Ehsaas Program introduced the method for registration in 2024. There are very simple and easy ways of ehsas registration 2024.

Ehsas Rashan Registration

Ehsaas Rashan Program Punjab Update Portal

Now you open the you will see the new updated interface of the Ehsaas rashan riayat program. you can see the clear in the image. for further information read the details.

Govt update the Banks to the registration of the shopkeepers. 2 banks the registration you can use

  1. Bank of Punjab (BOP)
  2. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
ehsaas punjab

2 types of registration are given below:

  1. People who want a subsidy
  2. The shopkeeper who wants commissions and gifts

If you want to check eligibility in any PSPA program, visit the ehsaas rashan portal and fill in the 13 digits CNIC number and captcha.

There are four methods of registration given below:

1. Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Program Web Portal

The Punjab govt introduced the web portal for registration and to check eligibility in the ehsaas rashan riayat Program program, and in the end, you will read “Dokandaar Register Karain.” The given App link is for the shopkeepers to register. Web-portal

Beneficiary Registration via Ehsaas Web Portal

Open the web portal and fill in the left side box if you still need to register and want to register yourself.

  1. Write your 13 digits CNIC inbox
  2. Write your cell number(Beneficiary’s name)

If you want to check your rashan Program eligibility

  1. Write your 13 digits CNIC
  2. Add numbers and press enter

Karyana Store registration via Ehsaas Web Portal

Karyana stores get the benefits with an 8% commission and also can win prizes on the monthly performance rate. The registration method is shown below.

  • Name
  • CNIC
  • CNIC ISuue date
  • CNIC Expiry Date
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Father Name
  • Mother Name
  • Present District
  • Present Tehsil
  • Present Address
  • Shop City
  • Shop Address
  • NBP District
  • NBP Tehsil
  • NBP Branch Name
  • Personal Bank
  • Personal Account Number
  • Next of Kin Name
  • Next of Kin CNIC

Punjab SMS Service 8123

The government introduced the SMS 8123 service to check your eligibility via SMS service. To check your registration 2024 eligibility, type 13 digits CNIC in the SMS box and send it to 8123 in the short time you will receive, and then you can register yourself.

i) SIM should be in the beneficiary’s name

ii) CNIC not expired

E-Khidmarkaz Ehsaas Program

You can visit your city’s nearest e-khidmat Markaz with your original CNIC and not expired. The concerned staff will register you in Ehsaas rashan riayat Program. There is no service Fee or Registration Fee.

Registration via QR Code

ehsas rashan qr code saarif

You can also use the QR code service. With that QR code, you can register on the ehsaas ration riayat program with some steps.

Ehsas qr code kiryana

Kiryana Stores and shopkeepers can also use the QR code service to register their shop on the ehsas rashan ProgramProgram and get an 8% commission with gifts.

Check: Dodear


  1. Send an SMS 13 digits CNIC at 8123 with your registered number.
  2. Open the ehsaas web portal Fill out the form with your CNIC number and Cell number.
  3. Visit e-Khidmat Markaz in your city with the original CNIC.

PM Imran khan started the ProgramProgram at Rs 1000, but now CM Pervaiz Elahi increased it to Rs 2000.

In the start, it was 30%, but now it is 40%.

Poor and middle-class families whose monthly income is less than Rs 50000.

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