Fiber Door Price in Pakistan 2024 – Latest Price [Updated]

Fiber Door

Fiber doors, in particular, are rapidly expanding in popularity in Pakistan. It has been gaining popularity in recent years due to the many advantages it provides in terms of both form and function. Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages of fiber doors in Pakistan and why they can be a good fit for your home or business.

Fiber Door

Fiber Door Prices in Pakistan

City NamePrice /Square Feet Approx
Fiber Door Price in LahoreRs. 360
Fiber Door Price in FaisalabadRs. 350
Fiber Door Price in RawalpindiRs. 350
Fiber Door Price in KarachiRs. 750
Fiber Door Price in GujranwalaRs. 350
Fiber Door Price in IslamabadRs. 550
Fiber Door Price in PeshawarRs. 450
Fiber Door Price Table 2024

The Advantages of Fiber Doors in Pakistan


One of the biggest selling points of fiber doors in Pakistan is how long they last. This ensures that your door won’t succumb to significant wear and tear after only a few years, giving you confidence that it will last for decades. Visit: Cement Price and PVC pipe price.

Cost Effectiveness

Fiber doors are widely regarded as an economical alternative to more conventional and pricey door materials. Because of this, they are a perfect option for individuals on a tighter budget who yet want a high-quality product that will last for years while still looking excellent.


Fiber doors come in a broad variety of designs and materials, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to discover one that suits your needs and preferences well.


Fiber doors, thanks to their increased strength, are a lot safer than other door materials, making them a great option for any house or business. Your fiber door is of the greatest quality and will not be easily broken into, so you can relax.


Fiber doors offer a significant visual benefit due to their attractive appearance and adaptability. Choose from a variety of colors, designs, and styles to find the right fit for your home or workplace.

Reasons to Go with Fiber Doors in Pakistan

The many advantages of fiber doors are helping to boost their popularity in Pakistan. They are not only attractive and secure, but also very long-lasting, inexpensive, and flexible. They offer quality, security, and a sleek design, so they’re perfect for any home or workplace.

Fiber doors in Pakistan are one of the greatest options if you want a door that will last for many years and give your home or business the style you want. You can pick the door that best suits your needs from among the many available options in terms of color, style, and design. Considering how advantageous a fiber door is, there’s no reason to put off making the transition any longer.

Fiber Door Cost in Pakistan

If you are seeking for the Best Fiber Door Price in Pakistan, we have compiled the average price of a fiber door in Pakistan to give you a ballpark figure.

In 2024, the average cost of a fiber door in Pakistan is projected to be roughly PKR 200,000, or about USD 1,216. Depending on the style, brand, material, and size of the door, the price can change significantly.

Closing Remarks

Finally, fiber doors have become increasingly popular in Pakistan due to their long lifespan, adaptability, and aesthetically pleasing design. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from, including an arch design, four-panel design, circular arch design, five-panel D-shaped design, six-panel design, and a wooden grooves design.

Fiber doors are great because they are impervious to dampness, termites, and weather damage, making them suitable for use in any room in the house. The best quality and performance can be attained by careful planning, discussion with nearby suppliers, and the selection of a trusted name brand. Fiber doors in Pakistan can improve the aesthetics and practicality of any building.

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