Mughal Steel Price Per Ton in Pakistan [Updated 2024]

Mughal Steel Price

Mughal Steel Price: Mughal Steel is the largest steel manufacturer in Pakistan. Established in 1987, it has the distinction of being Pakistan’s first integrated steel factory. It accounts for a significant share of Pakistan’s overall steel output. The Mughal Group’s division is Pakistan’s largest steel producer.

Mughal Steel has its headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan, and its massive steel mill is located in Islamabad. The 32-acre facility houses cutting-edge CNC metalworking and shaping machinery in addition to cutting-edge steelmaking machinery. Plate, I-beams, and C-purlins are also manufactured at this facility, in addition to the primary products of steel billets, re-bars, steel sheets, and coil.

Manufacturing and processing facilities at Mughal Steel are designed to meet stringent worldwide standards, ensuring that customers always receive a high-quality product. The company’s priority is supplying customers with durable, dependable, and reasonably priced steel goods. The organization has earned quality management certification to ISO 9001:2000 and environmental management certification to ISO 14001.

Construction, automobile manufacturing, general engineering, city planning, and other related fields all make use of Mughal Steel’s wares. The company uses cutting-edge machinery and meticulous quality assurance measures to ensure that every steel product leaves the factory in perfect condition.

Mughal Steel is able to produce and distribute steel products at reasonable costs thanks to its extensive network of commercial contacts and relationships. The quality and dependability of the company’s wares have led to their export to many different countries. Visit: Fiber Door Price.

The price of a ton of Mughal Steel in Pakistan has most recently ranged between Rs. 270,000 and Rs. 274,000.

Mughal Steel Price

Mughal Steel is widely recognized as one of Pakistan’s best steel manufacturers for various reasons

High Quality

Modern technology and streamlined operations allow Mughal Steel to produce high-quality steel.

Products of Many Kinds

Mughal Steel provides a wide variety of steel products, including bars, rods, coils, galvanized sheets, and more.

Strong Foundations

The business has established reliable systems to guarantee the timely creation of superior steel and the fulfilment of client needs.

Skilled Staff

Professionals with extensive industry experience are assigned to work in each department of Mughal Steel.


Mughal Steel offers competitively cost goods.

Friendly to the environment

Mughal Steel is committed to employing environmentally friendly procedures in its steel manufacturing process.

Making sure of quality

The provision of outstanding products to clients and the assurance that such products are in accordance with international standards are the top priorities of the company.

New ways to solve problems

The clientele of Mughal Steel benefit from cutting-edge solutions provided by Mughal Steel, which is a cutting-edge organization.

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Mughal Steel Price Per Ton Today

3 Sooter Saria (10mm) Rs. 278,000/- Rs 280,000/-
4 Sooter Saria (12mm) Rs. 274,000/- Rs 276,000/-
5 Sooter Saria (16mm) Rs. 274,000/- Rs 276,000/-
6 Sooter Saria (20mm) Rs. 296,000/- Rs 276,000/-
7 Sooter Saria (22mm) Rs. 296,000/- Rs 276,000/-
8 Sooter Saria (25mm) Rs. 296,000/- Rs 276,000/-
Mughal Steel Price Table

Mughal Steel Price Per KG

3 Sooter Mughal Saria PriceRs. 298
Rs. 300
4 Sooter Mughal Steel PriceRs. 296
Rs. 298
5 Sooter Mughal Saria PriceRs. 296
Rs. 298
6 Sooter Mughal Saria PriceRs. 296
Rs. 298
7 Sooter Mughal Saria PriceRs. 296
Rs. 298
8 Sooter Mughal Saria PriceRs. 296
Rs. 298
Mughal Steel Per KG Price Table
  • Mughal Steel 40 Grade Price Today
  • Mughal Steel 60 Grade Price Today
  • Mughal Steel Bar Weight 
  • Mughal Supreme Steel Bar Size and Weight 

Closing Verdict

Mughal Steel is widely considered as a powerhouse in Pakistan’s highly competitive steel market. The company has built a name for itself in Pakistan as a dependable producer of steel, and it is also known for its high quality products. Within the steel industry, the company is well-known for the importance it places on quality control and its lengthy history of operation. Another one of its objectives is to give its consumers access to things of superior quality at prices that are within their financial means.

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