Water Pump Price in Pakistan 2023: Famous Companies Rate List

Water Pump Price in Pakistan

Water Pump Price in Pakistan: In order to provide people in Pakistan with clean, drinkable water, water pumps are crucial infrastructure. Water pumps are essential in every house because they pressurize the water and move it from the storage tank to the fixtures. The size, power, and purpose of the pump all affect how much a water pump will cost in Pakistan. Pumps of equal quality can be purchased in Europe and the United States for far more money than they cost in Pakistan.

This article will focus on water pumps in Pakistan, including their availability, cost, and other relevant factors. Keep reading to find out more!

Water Pump Price in Pakistan

Depending on the model and capacity of the pump, the price of water pumps in Pakistan might range widely. An electric water pump designed for domestic usage normally costs between 20,000 and 26,000 PKR, though, making them relatively reasonable. Larger pumps, such as a 10HP pump, can cost anywhere from Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 50,000, depending on the manufacturer and the specifications.

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Varieties of Water Pumps

In Pakistan, you can choose from a wide variety of water pumps, each of which serves a certain purpose. There are primarily two categories of water pumps:

  • Jet Pumps

When pumping water from a shallow well, the most cost-effective option is often a jet pump. The impeller of these centrifugal pumps draws water from the ground and forces it upwards through the plumbing system.

Golden Shallow Well Jet Pumps: ₨25,000.00 – ₨33,000.00

  • Submersible Pumps

In Pakistan, submersible pumps are the standard because they are simple to install and may be used to draw water from wells of varying depths. These pumps use electric motors and are made to be submerged in the water they are pumping.

Submersible Pump / Vertical TypeRs. 26,800
Golden Submersible Bore-Hole Pump Code: GSP-D3-3/16-0.55Rs. 28,300
Golden Submersible Bore-Hole Pump Code: GSP-D3-3/21-0.75Rs. 33,200
Golden Submersible Bore-Hole Pump Code: GSP-D3-3/31-1.1Rs. 41,200
  • Booster Pumps

Sprinkler systems, showers, and other plumbing fixtures can all benefit from higher water pressure with the help of booster pumps.

Booster Pumps: RS25000 TO 33000

  • Self-Priming Pumps

These pumps are useful in shallow wells and other regions with low water pressure because they are built to create suction that draws the water up from the source.

Self-Priming Pumps: RS18000 TO 23000

Various Additional Factors

Aside from cost, there are a few other factors to think about when shopping for a water pump in Pakistan. The first is the specific kind of pump you need; different kinds of pumps have different capabilities and advantages. If you want your pump to last for years and do its job well, it should have high-quality parts. The pump’s power needs, together with its dimensions and setup, must be taken into account. 

Last but not least, do your homework and look around for the greatest price. This will aid in your search for the greatest possible pump at the most affordable price.


Households in Pakistan would be hard-pressed to obtain clean, drinkable water without the usage of water pumps. Water pumps come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and their pricing in Pakistan can range widely depending on factors like these. In the end, you need to do your homework to purchase the best possible pump at a price you can afford.

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