Plastic Door Price in Pakistan 2023: Door Rates Today

Plastic Door Price in Pakistan

As more and more nations, including Pakistan, make the transition to more modern technologies, the use of plastic doors has grown increasingly common. Because of this, understanding how much plastic doors will cost in the various cities of Pakistan in 2023 is extremely important.

The plastic doors that are being produced by Pakistani producers come in an extensive variety of designs, each with its own unique set of advantages and price ranges. In this section, we will conduct an investigation into how much one may anticipate spending on a plastic door in a few different cities located all throughout Pakistan and conduct an analysis of the numerous aspects that contribute to the total cost.

Plastic Door Price in Pakistan

Prices of plastic doors may vary considerably from one city in Pakistan to another within the same country. In Pakistan, the pricing range for a plastic door typically falls between in the middle of Rs. 350 and Rs. 550 per square foot. This price range constitutes the usual range.

Plastic Door Price in Pakistan
LahorePkr 350/sqft
FaisalabadPkr 350/sqft 
KarachiPkr 550/sqft
GujranwalaPkr 350/sqft
SialkotPkr 550/sqft
Multan Pkr 300/sqft
PeshawarPkr 400/sqft
IslamabadPkr 550/sqft

Factors that Affect Plastic Door Cost in Pakistan

The Price of Plastic Doors in Pakistan Is Determined by a Number of Variables.

  • Size:

The cost of a door can be rather variable based on a variety of criteria, such as the size of the door. The cost of a plastic door rises in direct proportion to the width of the opening it covers.

  • Design:

The design and style of the door are also significant factors that go into determining the price of the door. Doors that are more elaborately crafted out of plastic are typically more expensive than doors that are more straightforwardly constructed.

  • Quality: 

The grade of the plastic that was utilized in the production of a door might likewise have an impact on its selling price. When the quality of a product improves, the price of that thing typically goes up as well.

  • Features:

It’s possible that the price of a door will go up if it has fancy additions like reinforced glass, several locks, and other such features.

  • Costs Related to Setup:

The price of the plastic door may be affected by additional labor costs for installation. The labor cost to have a professional install a plastic door is covered by the customer.

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The ultimate cost of a plastic door in Pakistan is determined by a number of factors, including its dimensions, its design, its manufacture, its characteristics, and the costs associated with its installation. When making an estimate of the total cost of a plastic door, it is essential to take into account each of these factors, as the result, the accuracy of the estimate can be greatly affected.

Plastic doors are becoming increasingly common in Pakistan as a result of its low cost, extended lifespan, and ease of upkeep. Because of their excellent insulating capabilities, they are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to wooden doors. There is an abundant supply of plastic doors in Pakistan, including UPVC doors, PVC doors, and polycarbonate doors, among others. Customers are able to select the plastic door that fulfils their requirements and satisfies their aesthetic preferences from among the numerous designs, colors, and patterns that are on the market.

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