GAMCA Medical Status 2024

Relocating to a Gulf country such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Qatar and working there is the dream of many people. For that, you need to pass the GAMCA or Wafid Medical examination.  

The GCC Approved Medical Centers Association (GAMCA) oversees the medical tests necessary for visa approval in these countries. For people from countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India, passing the GAMCA medical examination is an important step towards pursuing their Gulf aspirations.

No need to anxiously drive to the medical center to get your GAMCA Medical Status, it’s possible to check it online. The results arrive within 2 to 4 days or may take 26 days but you can just check from home to see if you should visit the center or not. 

To check your GAMCA medical status online, visit the Wafid website and select ‘Your Medical Examinations Results’. Then, choose either ‘By Passport Number’ or ‘Wafid Slip Number’, and check your status. But what does the medical status mean? And what should be your next step if you get unfit status? Read further to know about it all! 

The Importance of GAMCA Medical Status in Visa Approval

What is GAMCA’s Medical Status?

GAMCA (GCC Approved Medical Centers Association) manages the required medical tests for visa approval in six GCC countries: the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. You need to pass this medical test to get a work, residency, or family visa for these countries. 

People from countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and others, must take the GAMCA (now called the Wafid) medical examination. This test is necessary for getting different types of visas, such as employment, residence, and family visas, for the GCC countries.

After receiving the slip of this medical examination, you need to visit the medical center as soon as possible to complete your check-up. To find a list of approved GAMCA medical centers in your area, visit the official websites of the GCC countries. 

But there’s no need to visit once you have the GAMCA slip as the medical report or status can be found online. The GAMCA’s Medical Status gets uploaded after 26 days and you can check it online easily.  

Methods To Check GAMCA Medical Status Online

Check GAMCA’s medical status online for free! There’s no GAMCA medical status app to set up, just follow these methods:

Method 1: Using Your Passport Number

  1. Visit the Wafid Online Portal: Go to the Wafid website.
  2. Select ‘Your Medical Examinations Results’: Find and click on this option.
  3. Choose ‘By Passport Number’: Pick this option to search using your passport number.
  4. Enter Your Details: Type in your passport number and choose your nationality.
  5. Pick Your Nationality: Find your country from the list and select it. 
  6. Check Your Status: Click ‘Check’ to see your medical test report status. And it’ll show up. 

Method 2: Using the Slip Number

  1. Visit the Wafid Online Portal: Open the Wafid website.
  2. Select ‘Your Medical Examinations Results’: Find and click on this option.
  3. Choose ‘Wafid Slip Number’: Pick this option to search using your slip number.
  4. Enter Your Slip Number: Type in the GAMCA slip number given to you during your examination.
  5. Pick Your Nationality: Choose the country you are from. 
  6. Check Your Status: Click ‘Check’ to see your medical report status.

Note! You’ll see the result of your GAMCA medical status online on the screen. To download a PDF of your GAMCA or Wafid medical report, click on the “PDF” button (right side on top). Your GAMCA Medical Status will be saved in the gallery. Note that you still need to visit the medical center in person to collect the physical report.

Understand Your GAMCA Test Report

Your medical report status will be one of two options: “Fit,” “Unfit,” “Absent,” or “Referred.” This status decides if you can work or travel to GCC countries. If you’re unsure what each medical status means, read further: 

  1. Fit: If your report says “Fit,” it means you’re healthy according to the test. You don’t have any infectious diseases or related problems. This is good news, and it means you meet the health rules for your visa or travel plans.
  2. Unfit: If your report shows “Unfit,” it means there are health issues or conditions found during the test. These could be infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis, or noninfectious problems like heart failure or uncontrolled diabetes. 
  3. Retest: Being called “Unfit” means there are fewer chances of getting a visa or travel approval–But Retest means you need to fix your health condition and then retry after 2 months. 

What to do if you get “Unfit” GAMCA Medical Status?

If you receive an “unfit” report, you must take care of the health issues identified before you can retest. Unlike a “fit” status, an “unfit” designation doesn’t have a set validity period–In the majority of cases, people have to wait for two months before they can retest. Here’s all you need to know:

  • Wait for 60 days as a two-month ban is enforced, during which retesting for residence, work, or family visas is not allowed.
  • It is important to resolve any health issues identified in the initial examination before attempting a retest to ensure a successful outcome and continue your visa or travel plans.
  • Getting “Unfit” for one country means you’re unfit for all Gulf countries. You can’t change the country or skip over the GAMCA process. 
  • After the waiting period, schedule a retest at a GCC-approved medical testing center.

What’s Your GAMCA Medical Status’s Validity?

Once you receive your GAMCA medical report, it’s important to understand its validity and expiration period.

  • Validity Period for Fit Reports: A Fit report is valid for 60 days (2 months) from the date of issuance. Make sure your passport is stamped within this period to go on with visa-related processes.
  • Validity Period for Unfit Reports: An Unfit report means you cannot apply for work, residence, or family visas for 2 months. After this period, you can reapply for the necessary visas or undergo a new medical examination if needed.

Overcoming Issues in GAMCA Medical Report 

Sometimes, there may be some problems when you’re accessing your GAMCA medical report online. Here’s how you can solve some of the common issues:

  • GAMCA Portal Technical Issues: One major challenge is facing technical lags on the online portal. These can include temporary downtime or other technical glitches. Just refresh and visit the site at some other time. You can also try changing your browser. 
  • Invalid or Expired Medical Reference Number: Another common issue is receiving an error message saying “an invalid” or “expired” medical reference number. If this happens, contact the GAMCA office or the medical center where you had your examination. They can guide you on how to fix the problem or issue a new reference number if needed.
  • Medical Record Not Found: If you get a notification that your medical record was not found, double-check your medical reference number (Wafid slip number). If the issue continues, visit the medical center where you had your examination. They can provide updates on your report status or issue a new reference number for verification.

Final Words 

Waiting for your visa approval for GCC countries can feel overwhelming but tick off one of the problems from your list by seeing GAMCA medical status online. You can easily track your status online using your passport number or slip number. 

If you receive an “Unfit” status, there’s no need to panic. Address the health issues, wait for two months, and then retest. Make sure to keep an eye on the validity of your report and quickly address any issues with the official site of your respective country. 


1. What conditions lead to an unfit status evaluation?

Unfit status is due to various infectious and non-infectious diseases. Infectious ailments include HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, malaria, leprosy, and abnormal chest X-ray results. Non-infectious conditions comprise renal failure, heart failure, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, cancer, psychiatric disorders, and physical disabilities impeding performance.

2. Which countries are part of the GAMCA program?

The GAMCA program encompasses Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, and Bahrain.

3. Why is a GAMCA medical appointment important?

GAMCA medical appointments are essential as they regulate medical assessments for individuals seeking employment in Gulf countries. These medical fitness reports are mandatory for obtaining work visas.

4. What medical examinations are part of the GAMCA test?

 A GAMCA medical examination typically involves physical examinations, blood tests, X-rays, urine analysis, and other specific tests based on the requirements of the respective country.

5. Who should not apply for a GAMCA medical test appointment?

People whose passport expiry is less than 7 months and 21 days should not apply. Also, Children aged 13 and above require medical appointments for family visas.