Wheat Price in Pakistan Today: 2023 NEW Wheat Rates for JUNE

Wheat Price in Pakistan Today

Pakistan is one of the largest wheat-producing countries in the world. Wheat plays a vital role in the country’s economy, serving as a major food crop for its growing population. The production of wheat thoroughly relies on factors such as agricultural practices, technological advancements, and the availability of resources like water and fertilizers. And these factors also have a significant impact on wheat prices in Pakistan. So, let’s have a quick look at the factors that affect the production and wheat prices in Pakistan.

آج  گندم  کاریٹ

Wheat Price in Punjab Today Per 40KG RS 4200
Wheat Price in Sindh Today Per 40KG RS 4200
Wheat Price in Pakistan Today

Factors Affecting Wheat Prices in Pakistan

Several factors have contributed to the fluctuation of wheat prices in Pakistan. These include supply and demand dynamics, global market trends, inflation, transportation costs, government policies, and weather conditions. Considering and understanding all these factors is difficult for farmers, traders, and consumers to make good or profitable decisions.

ضلع اور شہر کے لحاظ سے قیمتیں نیچے ٹیبل میں درج ہیں

Government Policies and Wheat Price Stability

Government policies play a significant role in stabilizing wheat prices in Pakistan. Price support programs, subsidies, and strategic reserves help to balance the market and ensure the proper availability of wheat. The government’s involvement and interference during times of shortage or excessive price unpredictably help in maintaining a balance between supply and demand. 

Challenges Faced by Wheat Farmers

Wheat farmers in Pakistan face various challenges that affect and have a deep impact on their profitability. These challenges include limited access to credit and finance, insufficient irrigation facilities, old farming practices, and a lack of technological advancements. Addressing these challenges through targeted support and agricultural reforms is critical for the sustainability of the wheat sector.

What is the Wheat Price in Pakistan Today?

In Pakistan, the government has proposed a minimum support price (MSP) of Rs. 4,000 per 40 KG for the wheat crop in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh in the year 2023.

Wheat Price in Punjab Today May 2023

District/CityToday Rate (40KG)
Mian channu4490
Dera Ghazi Khan4470
Yazman Mandi4490
Ahmadpur East4560
Wheat Price in Pakistan Punjab Today

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Wheat Price in KPK Today

Disct/CityPrices 40KG
Peshawar 5210
D-I KHAN5590

Today Wheat Rate in SINDH


Top Wheat Producing Brands and Their Prices in Pakistan


Flour is a fundamental ingredient in many food products, and its quality plays a vital role in the taste and texture of the final product. One company that stands out in the flour industry is Qureshi Flour Mills.

Qureshi Flour Mills is a well-known flour milling company with a strong reputation for delivering premium quality flour products. With years of experience and expertise in the field, the company has established itself as a leading player in the market and become a favorite choice for individuals and businesses looking for top-notch flour.


Established in the year 1985, Ashrafi Food Industries has come a long way since its foundation. It started as a small family-owned business with a passion for creating appetizing food products. Over the years, the company has grown very rapidly and become a leading name in the food manufacturing industry, specializing in wheat flour and a wide range of delicious and high-quality food products. With a great heritage and a commitment to excellence, Ashrafi Food Industries has earned a prominent position in the market, understanding and serving the taste buds of millions around the globe.

Maqsood Flour & General Mills

The foundation of the company was laid several decades ago. The Maqsood Flour & General Mills is a renowned company that is famous for the production of high-quality flour and has a long-standing history in the flour industry.

Founded by Mr. Maqsood Ahmed, the company started as a small mill and has grown into a prominent participant or I could say significant competitor in the market.

Over the years, they have earned a strong reputation for their consistent quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. Maqsood Flour & General Mills takes pride in their heritage and continues to strive for excellence in all aspects like their forefathers.

Also, the company offers a diverse range of flour products. Their product range includes whole wheat flour, bread flour, cake flour, pastry flour, and gluten-free options. Each type of flour is carefully crafted to deliver exceptional quality and performance.

Federal Flour Mills

Federal Flour Mills is a popular and well established flour production company in Pakistan that has been serving customers with its top-quality flour for several decades. Federal Flour Mills was established in the early 20th century with the aim of providing high-quality flour to meet the growing demand in the market. Since its establishment, the company has experienced balanced growth and has become a trusted name in the industry.

The company offers a wide range of flour products to fulfill the various needs of its customers. From all-purpose flour to special flours, the company ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards. The flours of Federal Flour Mills are known for their consistent quality, fine texture, and excellent baking properties.

Akbar Roller Flour Mills

Akbar Roller Flour Mills has a strong history that extends over several years. The company is founded by Mr. Mian Muhammad Akbar, he started the mill as a small-scale operation, but with dedication and hard work, it grew steadily and became a prominent name in the industry. Over the years, Akbar Roller Flour Mills has expanded its production capacity and introduced modern technologies to enhance efficiency and maintain quality standards.

Akbar Roller Flour Mills follows a careful manufacturing process to ensure the production of superior quality flour. The company prioritizes quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. Accurate testing procedures are implemented to maintain consistency and attach to industry standards. Quality and customer satisfaction are the primary goals of the company, so they are serving it honestly.

Barkat Flour Mills

Barkat Flour Mills was also established in the early 20th century by Mr. Abdul Barkat, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for producing the finest quality flour. The company that began as a small-scale venture has now transformed into a cutting-edge milling facility and possesses state-of-the-art machinery and advanced technologies. Throughout its journey, Barkat Flour Mills has remained dedicated to maintaining its founder’s values of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Barkat Mills serves superior quality flour to households across the country. As mentioned before, with a never ending commitment to customer satisfaction and a focus on maintaining the highest standards of quality, Barkat Flour Mills has become a second name of trust and reliability.

Final Verdict

Overall, I would say that the wheat price in Pakistan is influenced by a range of factors, including supply and demand dynamics, government policies, weather conditions, and global market trends. Understanding these factors is important for all stakeholders involved, from farmers to consumers. By analyzing wheat prices properly, implementing effective strategies, and supporting local farmers, consumers can control wheat price fluctuations and manage their expenses more efficiently. It is important for the government to continue implementing supportive policies and invest in agricultural infrastructure to ensure the stability of wheat prices in Pakistan and the sustainability of the wheat sector.

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