BISP Eidi Program Announce Soon: New 8171 Scheme [JUNE 2023]

BISP Eidi Program

Taking into account the dire needs of the underserved community of Pakistan, the BISP Program launched and supported by the government of Pakistan is about to announce another scheme called the “BISP Eid Ul Azha Scheme”.

The program aims at facilitating the nearly starving sector of Pakistan to help them make both ends meet. Through this program, a certain amount of payment is given to every deserving family or individuals.

BISP Eidi Program

After the great success of Eid ul Fitr Ehsaas BISP Scheme

This decision of the Pakistani Government is influenced by the success of the Eid Ul Fitr Ehsaas Program through which many poor families received about 7000- 25000 of money as an EIDI from the Government.

Eligibility for the Relief Fund

The facility by the government will be provided based on the following few criteria which will be validated and analyzed for those who applied to the EIDI SCHEME:

  • The Pakistani individual should have an authenticated National Identity Card.
  •  An active sim registered through that card
  • The poverty score of the person applying must be less than 40.

Amount Offered to the Needy

About 21000 rupees are budgeted through Ehsaas Program for anyone who is able to apply successfully and is eligible for the program.

Deserving families who have not been part of any Eid package yet will be given priority so that no one should be left destitute on this special occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

     An online form will be provided to apply for the program.

  •  You need to fill in all the details along with attaching the relevant documents of the utility bills and income along with the expenses information.
  • After collecting the information of the families, the Government analyzes all of the provided information for validation of the provided details.
  • After this, the families are contacted and in proper order, the allocated money is handed over to the families by using Biometric Authentication System for keeping all the records.


  • Are the daily wagers eligible for this program?

Yes, all the undernourished and poor communities of Pakistan; including the daily wagers could apply for the program.

  • How much is offered to the families?

    About 2000- 21000 rupees are distributed amongst all the members of    

    the family.

  • Can females apply for this Scheme?

     Yes, any needy person is eligible for applying to this scheme.

     What is the procedure for people who are already registered?

      Even the already registered ones can apply for this program.

      They do not need to register themselves again. They just need to fill in the formation.     

Take Away Note

Spreading the happiness and joy of Eid is the real glory of the event. Sharing the celebration makes this event even more memorable and enjoyable.

It is our responsibility to remember the needy ones so that they should not be deprived of the right to enjoy the basic necessities of life during the festivals.

This initiative of the Government of Pakistan deserves praise and great appreciation.

For checking updates

For those individuals who wish to apply for this scheme, they need to keep on checking the updates on the official website for latest news.

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