Pak Fan Price in Pakistan 2023: Today New Rates, Features

Pak Fan Price in Pakistan

Pak fan price in Pakistan: Electric cooling fans of the highest possible quality are produced by Pak Fan, which is widely acknowledged as Pakistan’s most reliable fan manufacturer. As a result of Pak Fan’s commitment to both cutting-edge innovation and competitive pricing, the company has successfully cornered the Pakistani market for cooling fans. This article analyzes the revolutionary characteristics that have become the industry standard, and compares the pricing of this brand to those of other brands that are available on the market.

Pak Fan Price in Pakistan

Pak Fan Price in Pakistan 2023

Classic SuperRs.5,895
Golden EyeRs.6,095
Galaxy GoldRs.6,095
VIP DecorationRs.6,695
Super DeluxeRs.6,695
Floral Class LightRs.8,695
Elegance PlusRs.12,095

Improvements and Additional Features

Pak Fan is widely recognized as the industry leader in cutting-edge air conditioning technology. Some of the reasons why Pak Fan is the most popular brand of cooling fans in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Exceptional asymmetrical blades:

Pak Fan’s innovative asymmetric blade design allows for consistent airflow along the entire room’s width.

  • Adjustable velocity:

Pak Fan allows you to alter the speed to meet your specific requirements with its variable speed control.

  • Remote control:

A remote control is included with many versions, allowing you to easily modify the fan’s speed, turn it on and off, and even reverse its direction.

  • Sensors with intelligence:

The smart sensors in a Pak Fan will activate the device when the temperature in the room climbs above a certain threshold.

  • Silent performance:

Pak Fan is significantly quieter than competing cooling fans because of its high-quality construction and energy-saving motors.

  • The influence of wind:

Because of its aerodynamic design, the Pak Fan provides refreshingly cool and relaxing breezes.

  • Resilient components:

Pak Fan always employs high-quality plastics and metals to ensure their products last.

Pedestal Fan Prices

Pedestal StandardRs.6,995
NTCP RemoteRs.7,645
Pedestal IndustrialRs.9,695
Pedestal MistRs.17,295

Average cost of a Pak Fan

A combination of the PAK fan’s outstanding quality and inexpensive pricing makes it an excellent choice for both private residences and commercial establishments. The cost of a fan in Pakistan can range anywhere from an estimated average of 6,995 rupees to a maximum of 20,295 rupees, making it possible to get one at a price that is suitable for any budget.

Pak Fan’s Qualities

  1. Affordable:

When compared to fans of other brands, Pak’s price is quite low. This makes it a great option for those shopping on a tight budget but still want something of high quality. If you want to save money, choose a Pak fan, which at 9 inches in diameter will only set you back about PKR 2,000.

  1. Distinct Dimensions:

The blade length of a Pak fan can be anywhere from 9 inches to 24 inches. Customers may now find the perfect fan to complement their decor and lifestyle.

  1. Durability:

In terms of reliability, Pak fans have been well received by customers in Pakistan. This is due to the high-quality materials used in the construction of the fans.

Cons of Pak Fans

  1. Fewer Potential Layouts:

When compared to competing competitors, Pak Fan’s selection of aesthetic options is limited. This is because consumers are restricted to a small palette of standard styles and colors offered by the brand.

  1. Technology Gap:

Pak fans lack modern conveniences like air filters, variable speed settings, and built-in timers. These are significant additions to the cooling experience that are available on some competing fan brands.

  1. Availability:

Unlike other brands, Pak fan is harder to find on store shelves in the area. Since purchasing it necessitates tracking down an authorized dealer or going to a store physically, it has a disadvantage due to this.

When you take into account everything that Pak Fan has to offer, you’ll realize that it’s an unbeatable deal. The anticipated price for the Pak Fan in 2023 looks reasonable when considering all of the helpful features and cutting-edge advancements that will be included. In addition, the company offers a comprehensive range of models to meet the needs of customers with varying budgets and degrees of cooling necessity. Pak Fan is able to fulfill all of your needs, whether you are looking for a straightforward model with a limited set of functions or an intricate model with several advanced options. Because of this, it is the perfect choice for people who are looking to save money on a dependable and eco-friendly cooling system.

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