What is The Difference Between Donda Bakra and Kheera Bakra

Donda Bakra

The bakra is a widespread type of domesticated animal and is also commonly known as the goat or the sheep. In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the bakra is a common mammal that is utilized in a variety of contexts, including culinary and religious practices. It is common practice to refer to the Donda and Kheera varieties of bakra in the same context. The names “Donda Bakra” and “kheera Bakra” are widely used when people are talking about different varieties of goats that are used in ceremonies or for food. In this section, we will examine the similarities and differences between Donda and Kheera Bakra.

Donda Bakra

Goats of the Donda Bakra (or Desi Bakra) breed were first domesticated in India. The head and lower legs are white, and the body is black. Goats of this breed can reach a maximum weight of 50 kilograms (kg) in the males and 40 kilograms (kg) in the females. Donda Bakra is well-suited to people in arid and semi-arid regions due to its resilience in the face of illness, parasites, and climate extremes.

Donda Bakra

Kheera Bakra

The Kheera Bakra is a native goat species widespread in Central India. Males can reach up to 36 kilograms in weight, while females average around 15 kilograms. Kheera Bakra has white fur spots all over its mostly dark body. In addition, their horns are curled upward and colored yellow and white. Kheera Bakra is renowned for its ability to ward off parasites and some diseases.

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Donda Bakra vs. Kheera Bakra: The Distinction

The following are the most important distinctions between Donda Bakra and Kheera Bakra:


Kheera Bakra is a small goat, whereas Donda Bakra is in the middle part of the size range.


In contrast to the Kheera Bakra, whose fur is uniformly black, the Donda Bakra bears white markings on its face and legs.


Donda Bakra’s horns are straight, while Kheera Bakra’s are bent upwards and colored yellow and white


Both males and females in Donda Bakra might grow to be up to 50 kilograms in weight on average. Kheera Bakra males can weigh up to 36 kilograms on average, while women can weigh up to 15 kilograms.

Immunity to Disease

Donda Bakra can withstand harsh temperatures, pests, and even the elements with relative ease. Similarly, Kheera Bakra has the ability to ward off parasites and fight off various diseases.


Goats of the Donda and Kheera Bakra breeds are frequently used in India for ritual or ceremonial purposes, as well as for their meat and dairy products. They may both be classified as goat breeds, yet there are significant variances between them. Donda Bakras are medium-sized black goats with white facial and limb patterns. This species has males that can reach 50 kg in weight and females that can reach 40 kg. Males of the Kheera Bakra breed can become up to 36 kilograms, while females can go up to 15 kilograms. Kheera Bakra also has yellow and white horns that curve upward and are black in colour, with white fur patches all over its black body.

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