Ehsaas Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Card Registration 2023

Bahimat Buzurg Program

Bahimat Buzurg Program: There are elderly people in our society who need support to meet their needs. Assistance may be required due to a physical or financial need. The lack of elderly-focused ministries and programs in our government, as well as the possibility that money intended for the elderly may not actually reach them, may be contributing factors to the demand.

Bahimat Buzurg Program

The Bahimat Buzurg Program was unveiled by the Pakistani government on October 8, 2011. The purpose of this initiative was to help the elderly integrate into society and empower them to help themselves. The budget for the Bahimat Buzurg program is more than two million.

It indicates that only 4% of the population is over the age of sixty. In developing nations like Pakistan, older people depend on others. Both physical activity and financial assistance are required for them to live quietly. Unfortunately, Pakistani seniors get less assistance.

Bahimat Buzurg Program

The Pakistani government has started a program for persons who are above 65. The Ehsaas Buzurg program, a social assistance program that gives money to older people, can be registered online. As part of this scheme to fight poverty, older citizens of the country will receive a stipend of Rs 2000 per month. Also checkout: Dodear app and Kurulus Osman Season 5

Eligibility Criteria For Bahimat Buzurg Program

The Punjab Bahamat Buzurg Program was established for the elderly or those in need. The Pakistani government recently allotted three billion rupees for this program based on the Buzurg ethnic group. They will receive 2,000 rupees per month to cover their expenses.

People from Buzurg shouldn’t contact anyone and can use this money to suit their necessities. By introducing the Bahimat Buzurg Program, which would give older adults over 65 in Punjab respectable four social pensions, the Punjab Social Protection Authority will close this gap. These elderly people will educate their communities about significant societal issues.

The Bahimat Senior scheme pays out after three months, and individuals who had already signed up for the scheme are now beginning to get their payments.

People who haven’t begun signing up for the program yet are still able to use it.

How can I register for the Bahimit Buzurg program

You need to meet a few requirements before you can register.

  • If you are sixty-five years old, you can submit an application.
  • click on the Bahimat Buzurg Program link on the Government of Pakistan website.
  • Click “registered,” then “submit documents” to sign up for yourself.
  • After enrolling, a representative (bop) will get in touch with you and inquire about your situation before releasing your Be Himmit Buzurg cash.
  • Only one applicant from the entire family may apply for this program, and Bop will be the source of all your financial aid. After three months, you’ll receive 6000, or 2000 each month.

How to Check the Money in the Bahimat Buzurg Program 

If you have an ATM card, you can insert it to see how much money is still in it to check the balance of this software. To check your balance, give your information when you approach the Bank of Punjab. Any bank may utilize the Bank of Punjab’s ATMs, and accessing them is quite simple.

  • First, enter your ATM PIN on any ATM.
  • Put your PIN into the ATM Your balance will appear on your screen, and you can make a decision to use an ATM to get cash.

Bahimmat Buzurg Program App

Additionally, the project offers an app where participants may register, track the status of their applications, and access additional resources.

Apply for the Bahimat Buzurg Program online

Anyone in the nation who is older than 65 years old can apply for this program online. Through the Ehsaas online portal or the PSPA’s official website, interested people can apply for the Ehsaas ba Himmat Buzurg program (BHBP). visit the website at “” Selecting the online eligibility check option will be added. You must complete the online application if you meet the government’s eligibility requirements.

The application form must include the information shown below.

  • Name, age, gender, and national identity card are examples of your personal information.
  • Your bank account and documentation of monthly income.
  • Information about the family’s income earners for you.

The Ehsaas Bahimat Program in Pakistan’s online application procedure is as follows:

  • Visit the program’s official website at
  • The “Apply Now” option is already available on the homepage.
  • Choose “Ehssas Ba-Himmat Buzurg Plan” and then press “Continue.”
  • Name, birthdate, CNIC number, address, and contact information are all required fields on the application form.
  • Upload the necessary paperwork, including a copy of your CNIC, a recent photo, and any other necessary supporting documents.
  • Before submitting, thoroughly review your application.
  • After successfully submitting your application, you will get a confirmation message.
  • Once the appropriate authorities have examined your application, if you are approved, you will be given a Rs. 2000 monthly stipend.

Before submitting your online application, you must attach supporting documents. After submission, the application is reviewed by higher authorities. After the evaluation phase, your request will move on to the following step of the approval process.

Ehsaas BaHimat Buzurg program Card

On the PSPA website, you can submit an online application for the Ehsaas BaHimat Buzurg program card. At the conclusion, click “Apply for Card” to submit the application. Your card will be delivered to your address in two to four weeks. Your monthly withdrawal limit of Rs. 2000 can be made at the ATM using your card.

How to Use a Bahimmat Buzurg Card to Withdraw Money?

The beneficiary should use the ATM just to withdraw cash.

  • They should insert their card and input their PIN.
  • choose the cash withdrawal option.
  • Pick the amount they wish to withdraw, and after the transaction is through, take the cash and card.


Shazia Murri provided an update at the most recent meeting, announcing that enrollment for the Behmat Senior Program will now take place on Saturdays. This action has been made to make it easier for seniors who are over 60 to register themselves and avoid any hassles. The elderly and disabled are the only groups allowed on this day; everyone else will not be enrolled.

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