BISP New 9000 CNIC Payment: Releasing Soon 16 June 2023

BISP New 9000

Get ready to jump for joy because the long-awaited moment has arrived! The Pakistani government has announced the date when you will receive an enormous amount of 9,000 rupees through the BISP program. The wait is over and it’s time to rejoice.

The Pakistani government has decided to push back the date of the distribution of 9000 rupees to the residents who are in the greatest need from the initial date of 9 June 2023 to the date of 16 June 2023.

BISP New 9000

Why did the Pakistani Government change the date of 9000 payment?

The following are the two primary reasons for shifting the dates:

  1. Because the government has terminated services, the fingerprint option at automated teller machines (ATMs) in Pakistan has been disabled.
  1. The government schools in Pakistan are a secondary factor. The government has made the decision to postpone the beginning of the next academic year. Another reason for moving the date is that when the jobs initially begin, there will be a mad dash to the ATMs by everyone to obtain their money, as this is the only way that they will be paid in its whole.

Technical issues with ATM machines

Because the ATMs aren’t working properly, people are leaving without their money. As a result, the government of Pakistan suggests to all of the banks in Pakistan that they repair the problem with the ATMs, and if there is a problem with the upgrades, they should fix that problem as well, in order to make it simpler for the people to use the ATMs.

How many dates changed for the 9000 payment 2023?

The date of the distribution of nine thousand Pakistani rupees to the citizens who are in the greatest need was first planned to take place on the first of June 2023; however, the government has since declared that the date will be moved to the ninth of June 2023, and the date that has been settled on for the distribution will now take place on the sixteenth of June 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

People who do not now qualify for this program will have their eligibility reevaluated, and if their PMT score is 31.5 or above, they will be eligible to receive a payment of 9000 rupees under the BISP program run by the government of Pakistan.

What is PMT Score?

A proxy means test (PMT) is a measurement of the well-being of a family that is based on features of the family unit that are observable and verifiable by outside parties. The PMT is frequently employed as a means of narrowing the focus of social safety net programs in situations in which income verification is not a possibility.

BISP Rashan Program

A total of 30 billion Pakistani rupees have been allotted for the purpose of sponsoring the Rashan program run by BIPS.

In addition, in a short time, people in need in Pakistan will have access to groceries through programs called BISP Rashan as well as government utility stores.

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